IrfanView Help and Tips

Download the free IrfanView image viewing and editing tool for Windows. Plus tips on managing Irfanview plug-ins, tweaking digital photos, and more.

#1: Disable Most Recently Used Files and Folders for Privacy
Increase your privacy by making IrfanView forget the most recently accessed files and folders.

#2: Edit a Picture Viewed in IrfanView with an External Program
Send photos viewed within IrfanView to an external image editor via a couple of mouse clicks or keystrokes.

#3: Perform Basic Image Editing, Add Text Captions, Draw Arrows
Show the Paint dialog in IrfanView to perform basic image edits and text captioning without opening up an external editor.

#4: Add Metallic Effects to Images
Add a striking metallic effect to your images via Irfanview, and optionally add Gold or Ice tints.

#5: Add a Stylish Border or Frame to your Photograph
Make your digital photos stand out from the pack by adding borders or frames via IrfanView, and customize the colors to your liking.

#6: Convert Image to Grayscale
Quickly create grayscale images and photos with IrfanView.

#7: Create Desktop Shortcut and Keyboard Hotkey if Missing
Make IrfanView easier to access by creating desktop and keyboard shortcuts.

#8: Perform a Full or Partial Screen Capture
IrfanView comes with a screen capture utility that can optionally include the mouse cursor.

#9: Fade in Images When Playing a Slideshow
Add an Alpha blending effect between images when viewing slideshows in IrfanView.

#10: Change IrfanView File Associations
Toggle IrfanView to be the viewer of choice when double-clicking multimedia file types from Windows Explorer.

#11: Skip the Recycle Bin when Deleting Files from IrfanView
When confirming to remove images via IrfanView, skip the Recycle Bin and just delete the files.

#12: Hide the Text and Mouse Pointer When Viewing Images in Full Screen
Remove the mouse pointer and unsightly text when viewing images in full screen mode with IrfanView.

#13: Show Images in Full-Screen (Kiosk) Mode
Remove the Windows Taskbar and other toolbars and status bars when viewing images and photos in IrfanView.

#14: Toggle Browsing Drives and Folders with IrfanView via Right Click Context Menu
Toggle whether or not a right-click context menu option should appear in Explorer for drives and folders to browse the contents via IrfanView Thumbnails.

#15: Add or Remove IrfanView Option in 'Send To' Menu
Easily display images in IrfanView from Windows Explorer even if you do not set up file associations. Or, remove IrfanView from the "Send To" Menu.

#16: View Photograph EXIF Metadata Inside IrfanView
With a plugin, have IrfanView display EXIF metadata stored inside photos taken by digital cameras.

#17: Enable a Right Mouse Button Context Menu
IrfanView can be configured so your right mouse button either scrolls through large images or displays a context menu.

#18: Change the Toolbar Skin and Download New Skins
If you don't like how IrfanView's toolbar buttons appear, change them with downloadable skins.

#19: Keep IrfanView from Closing without Prompting with a Changed Image
If you edit an image in IrfanView and accidentally close the program or switch images, your changes may be lost. Add a prompt to remind you to save your modifications.

#20: Keep IrfanView on Top of Other Windows
Running multiple applications but want to keep IrfanView 3 in view, even above the Windows taskbar?

#21: Change Background Color When Viewing Images in Full Screen or Slideshow
Change the default background color of black when using IrfanView's full-screen image viewer or slideshow mode.

#22: Play MP3 Music Inside IrfanView
Besides displaying and editing photos and other images, IrfanView can also double as an MP3 player.

#23: Show the Image's Full Path in the Title Bar
If you manipulate or view images in multiple directories, keep track of their file locations inside IrfanView.

#24: Keep the ESC Key from Automatically Closing IrfanView
Perform this tweak to stop accidentally closing IrfanView when pressing the ESC key.

#25: Turn Images into "Oil Paintings"
Add an artistic oil painting effect to your images with IrfanView.

#26: Convert Images on the Command Line
Use IrfanView to convert images from one format to another on the Windows XP command line or in a batch file.

#27: Rename, Copy, Move, or Delete the Current Image
Perform file management duties on photos viewed inside IrfanView.

#28: Set an Image as the Windows Wallpaper
Take a browsed image in IrfanView 3 and instantly make it the Windows wallpaper.

#29: Download the IrfanView Image Viewer and Processor
IrfanView is a freeware Windows application that lets you display, organize, and manipulate images and photos. Here's how to download and install IrfanView.

#30: Run Irfanview on the Windows XP Command Line
Start IrfanView in a Windows XP batch file or on the command line.

#31: Open IrfanView to View Images From a Digital Camera in Windows XP
Add an option to start IrfanView when you insert digital camera media into your Windows XP machine via a memory card reader.

#32: View an Image from the Internet or Hard Drive
Use IrfanView to display images and photos on your hard drive or on the Internet.

#33: Disable Undo When Modifying Large Images
Is IrfanView sluggish, especially when manipulating large digital photographs? Throw caution to the wind and disable undo functionality, decreasing memory usage.

#34: Download PlugIns to Support More Features
IrfanView can support even more image-related features through the use of plugins.

#35: Apply an Emboss Effect
Emboss images with IrfanView without loading other photo editors.

#36: Stop Animated GIFs from Playing
Prevent animated GIFs from playing inside IrfanView 3.

#37: Automatically Center the Window
Keep IrfanView centered on your Windows desktop.

#38: Display Information About the Current Picture
Get detailed information on an image viewed in IrfanView including the resolution, file size, and number of unique colors.

#39: Sharpen an Image
Have some blurry photos? Try sharpening them with IrfanView.

#40: Extract All Frames From an Animation
Need to edit the individual frames that make up an animated GIF? IrfanView can extract all of the frames in the animation.

#41: Rotate or Flip Images
Fix horizon line problems or digital photos taken at a 90 degree angle with IrfanView.

#42: See Who Is Behind IrfanView
View the people behind the IrfanView software.

#43: View an Image's Raw Hex Information
Display comments and other information hidden in certain image files with IrfanView.

#44: Toggle Status Bar, Menu, Toolbar, and Caption
Run IrfanView in expert mode, adding more screen real-estate for your images and photos.

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