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Camera Phone

Know Your Cost When Sending Photos

SUMMARY: Make sure you know the costs when e-mailing photos or using picture messaging.

Though this may seem like a common sense tip, many people don't carefully look through their credit card bills every month, either...

When sending photographs captured via your camera phone, either through e-mail or picture messaging, make sure you know the costs, especially before sending a large group of images!

E-mails may cost money on a per-kilobyte/megabyte basis, and picture messaging may cost a set amount per message. If you plan on frequently doing a lot of photo sharing, you may want to check with your service provider to see if data usage or text/picture messaging plans are available. While these plans will cost a set amount every month whether you send photos or not, they may be a good idea if you frequently use these data services.

One other option, though this may be less convenient, is to see if you can connect your camera phone to your computer and transfer the images. This may require a special cable and software, or if your photos are on a microSD or other type of card, you may be able to connect the card to your computer via a media reader. By doing so, you should be able to e-mail the photos from your computer, bypassing carrier charges. If you go the latter route, make sure your photos are saved to the external memory and not your camera's internal memory!

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