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Legacy Applications
Help and Tips

Tips for older applications that officially may not be supported anymore ... but ones that some people love too much to let go.

Adobe Reader 7

View PDFs and fill out online forms with the Adobe Reader 7.0 tool. Also learn to customize and tweak Adobe Reader. Some tips may work with later versions.

#1: Windows 95 Legacy Tips (Part 2)
More tips and tricks for Windows 95.

#2: Windows 95 Legacy Tips
A grab bag of tips and tricks for Windows 95.

#3: Windows 95 Legacy Tips (Part 3)
More tips and tricks for Windows 95.

#4: Windows NT 4.0
Tips and tricks for Windows NT 4.0 Client and Server.

#5: Microsoft Works 2000 Word Processor
Insert copyrights into Microsoft Works 2000 word processor documents, and modify bulleted lists.

#6: Paint Shop Pro 7.01
Enable bigger icons and enable more disk space for undo operations in Paint Shop Pro 7.01

#7: Windows 3.1
A few tips to get the most out of Windows 3.1 running on legacy hardware.

#8: Eudora
Tips for older versions of the Eudora email client (not Eudora OSE). Topics include configuration, plug-ins, the address book, and more.

#9: Pine EMail
Tips for the Unix-based Pine E-Mail reader. Some tips may work with Alpine, Re-Alpine, and other related clients.

#10: FileMaker Pro v3
Tips and tricks for version 3 of the FileMakerPro database product for Windows.

#11: PCAnywhere v8
If you administer remote-controlled PCs with PCAnywhere v8, check out this category of tips for some help and information.

#12: Netscape 8
Tips for the Netscape 8 web browser, which you can use to view webpages in either Mozilla or Internet Explorer-style.

#13: PestPatrol
The commercial PestPatrol was an application that could help find and remove adware, spyware, and other malware and pests.

#14: Winamp 2
Help with the unsupported version 2 of the Winamp multimedia player.

#15: Qmodem Pro
Tips for using the Qmodem Pro telecommunications software.

#16: Tips and tricks for the AOLPress WYSIWYG web editor.
Where you may still be able to download AOLPress, plus a few tips for using this editor.

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