Windows Live Mail 2011

Add to or Edit Safe Senders List

SUMMARY: Add to or edit the list of e-mail addresses in Windows Live Mail 2011 from which received e-mail will not be marked as Junk.

Nowadays with the large amounts of junk electronic mail filling our Inboxes, it is imperative to use at least some anti-spam features to avoid getting deluged with this menace.

Unfortunately, even the most intelligent junk e-mail filters can mark some legitimate messages as spam. Thus to help avoid missing important information, you can mark certain address in Windows Live Mail 2011 as "safe". E-mail from this whitelist of addresses will not be marked as Junk.

While Whitelists can be an important tool, realize that it is possible that addresses on your Safe Senders list can get hacked, so you must be careful before clicking on links or downloading attachments, even from so-called "safe" senders.

1. While viewing e-mail, click the "Home" tab in the Ribbon.

2. In the "Delete" section of the Ribbon, click the "Junk" button.

3. Select "Safety options" from the pull-down menu.

Accessing e-mail Safety Options in Windows Live Mail 2011

4. The "Safety Options" dialog box appears.

To add an address / domain to this list:

1. Click the "Add" button.

Choosing to add an address to Windows Live Mail 2011's "Safe Senders" list

2. The "Add address or domain" dialog box appears. Either enter a full domain or a specific e-mail address to mark as safe.

Adding an address to the Safe Senders list in Windows Live Mail 2011

3. Click "OK" to add the address / domain.

To edit an address / domain on the list:

1. Click on an address / domain in the list.

2. Click the "Edit" buttn.

3. The "Edit address or domain" dialog box appears (similar to the "Add address or domain" dialog as shown above). Edit the address or domain as needed.

4. Click "OK" to apply the edit.

To delete an address / domain from the list:

1. Click on an address / domain in the list.

2. Click the "Remove" button.

When done with your edits:

Click "OK" to close the "Safety Options" dialog box.

This tip was written regarding Windows Live Mail 2011 Build 15.4.3502.0922 running on a Windows Vista system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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