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McAfee AntiSpyware
Help and Tips

Besides scanning for and removing spyware, McAfee AntiSpyware has auto-prevention mechanisms that help prevent spyware and adware from installing and running in the first place.

#1: Remove Previously Trusted Programs
Force McAfee AntiSpyware to once again detect programs you once trusted.

#2: Schedule a Spyware Scan
Schedule automatic malware scans with McAfee AntiSpyware. Scan every day, whenever there is idle computing time, once a month, or choose other options.

#3: Perform a Scan
Performing malware scans with McAfee AntiSpyware and removing or ignoring found items.

#4: Disable AutoProtect
Keep McAfee AntiSpyware's AutoProtect from taking up valuable CPU time and draining your laptop's battery.

#5: Remove Recent Events Sooner
Keep an extended log of McAfee AntiSpyware events, or virtually eliminate it for privacy reasons.

#6: Update McAfee AntiSpyware Manually
Keep McAfee AntiSpyware up-to-date so it can better handle new malware threats.

#7: Change the Type of Scan to Perform
Customize the drives McAfee AntiSpyware scans for malware.

#8: Restore an Item Accidentally Removed
Recover programs and settings accidentally changed by McAfee AntiSpyware.

#9: Download a Trial of McAfee AntiSpyware
Download McAfee AntiSpyware, an application that can help prevent malware from being installed on your machine.

#10: View a Log of Recent Activity
Display a report of recent spyware and update activity in McAfee AntiSpyware.

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