Windows Media Player 11

Crossfade From One Song to the Next

SUMMARY: Fade one song into the next in Windows Media Player 11.

As you play multiple audio files in Windows Media Player 11, once one song ends, a brief amount of silence may occur before the next song begins. To help prevent this silence from happening you can enable song crossfading, where one song literally blends, or fades, into the next.

1. Switch to Media Player's full mode by pressing Ctrl + 1.

2. Right-click on the Windows Media Player 11 title bar, choosing "View" - "Enhancements" - "Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling".

Enabling song crossfading in Windows Media Player 11

3. A panel should appear at the bottom of the "Now Playing" tab. Click the "Turn on crossfading" link.

4. Move the slider underneath the link to the right to increase the amount of crossfade time between songs; moving it to the left decreases the crossfade time.

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