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Don't Know Which Laptop to Purchase? Ask Microsoft

SUMMARY: Microsoft's "PC Scout" offers suggestions on which laptop or netbook to purchase based on your needs.

In the market for a new laptop / netbook and not sure which one to buy? Or, do you have a friend / family member / coworker asking you that question and you're unsure how to answer? One option is to check out the Windows "PC Scout" for recommendations.

Simply select a category such as "Mobile Studio", "Power Gaming", or "Work from Everywhere" to view possible choices. You can further narrow your selections by choosing your desired price, screen size, or weight, and additional details are available allowing you to narrow by brand, processor, TV tuner capabilities, and other options.

Searching for laptops with the Windows PC Scout in the $800-$1700 range, 2.2-3 Ghz speed, 4GB+ RAM, and 250 GB+ storage. Depending on when you read this tip, such laptops may already be obsolete.

Click on a laptop to view details, or click the "Add to Compare" link to compare features of multiple laptops, and then select the "Go to Compare Page" link to see which laptop may be right for you.

If instead you're looking for a desktop, scroll down the main page for links to details on some All-in-One Desktops and Gaming Devices.

* Windows PC Scout:

Information and screenshots were accurate as of January 19, 2010 and are subject to change.

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