Microsoft Excel 2010 Help and Tips

Microsoft Excel 2010 tips and support, including articles on cell formatting, importing and exporting data, and customizing the display and software features.

#1: Stop Accidentally Showing the Ribbon Shortcut Keys
While navigating through worksheets in Excel 2010, pressing slash on the keyboard shows the ribbon shortcut keys. Learn how to prevent this from happening.

#2: For Worksheet Drafts Print Default Headings And / Or Gridlines
Don't want to spend time manually creating border lines or headers for a particular draft worksheet? Have Excel 2010 print default gridlines and column headings.

#3: Clear Cell Formatting
A few mouse clicks or a keyboard shortcut are all it take to clear formatting from a cell or group of cells.

#4: Filtering Data in a Worksheet, with an Example
Instructions on how to filter data in an Excel 2010 worksheet, with screenshots showing filters performed on an example worksheet.

#5: Double or Accounting Underline Text
Choose from several underline styles in an Excel 2010 workbook.

#6: How do I Spell Check a Worksheet?
Other Office 2010 apps automatically check document spelling, but not Excel 2010. Here's how to perform a manual spell check.

#7: Save AutoRecover Data More or Less Often
Is 10 minutes too long a time to wait between saving AutoRecover information in Excel 2010 to potentially prevent data loss? Change this interval.

#8: Show Trends Inside a Cell via Sparklines
Display miniature graphs, sparklines, showing trends in a series of data in an Excel 2010 worksheet.

#9: Hide Worksheet Tabs, Scroll Bars if Not Needed
If you're only using one worksheet in an Excel 2010 workbook, why display the worksheet tabs if you'll never use them? Also learn how to hide one or both scroll bars if not needed.

#10: Quick Tip: Add a Manual Line Break
A keyboard shortcut to manually add a line break inside a cell.

#11: Repeat Columns and / or Rows on Every Printed Sheet
If information in particular rows or columns need to be repeated on every page, here's how to configure Excel to do so.

#12: Change the Tab Color of a Worksheet
Tabs representing different worksheets in an Excel 2010 workbook can be colored for organizational purposes.

#13: Working on a Wide Worksheet? Make ENTER Move to the Right
If you're editing a wide worksheet with the 10-key, you might find it more convenient to have the ENTER key move the cursor to the cell to the right.

#14: Rotate Text for Effect
Make header cells in an Excel 2010 worksheet stand out by rotating text.

#15: Hide Recent Documents or Show More
Configure Excel 2010 to hide the list of recent documents for privacy, or show more of them.

#16: Add Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock Indicators
See at a glance whether or not the Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock buttons have been pressed via indicators on the Excel 2010 Status Bar.

#17: Choose Where Saved and AutoRecover Files Go
If you need to store workbooks and AutoRecover files elsewhere, configure Excel 2010 as to where they should be placed.

#18: Remove Duplicates from a Selection of Data
Quickly clear duplicated information from an Excel 2010 worksheet.

#19: Stop Typing Decimal Points for Currency and Other Figures
Entering a large number of currency values into an Excel 2010 worksheet or other numbers that need decimal points placed in every value? Have the software add the decimal points for you.

#20: Change Worksheet Gridline Colors to Fit Your Mood
In Excel 2010, alter the standard gridlines so they appear in blue, green, or yellow.

#21: Stop Creating Workbooks with Multiple Worksheets
Or, create every Excel 2010 workbook with even more than 3 worksheets.

#22: Change the Default Font for New Workbooks
Tired of every Excel 2010 workbook using 11 point Calibri as the default for cells? Change the default font for all new workbooks.

#23: Fill Cell with Attention Grabbing Gradient
Add a dual-color gradient to title or header cells in an Excel 2010 worksheet; several styles are available.

#24: Disable Cell AutoComplete
Tired of Excel 2010 "suggesting" that you are retyping the same information over and over? Turn off cell value AutoComplete.

#25: Insert Copyright, Trademark, Other Symbols
Insert symbols into your Excel 2010 worksheet such as arrows, copyright, trademark, Euro, and Pound.

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