Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Help and Tips

Tips on configuring and using the Internet Explorer 8 web browser. Tips include using Accelerators to access external websites with selected text.

#1: See What's Hot on About.Com from the Favorites Bar
View links to "articles from the network on buzz-worthy topics" from Internet Explorer 8's Favorites Bar.

#2: Show Amazon's Daily Gold Box Deal from the Favorites Bar
Display Amazon's daily "Gold Box" deal from Internet Explorer 8's Favorites Bar.

#3: Prevent Page Transition Animations from Appearing
If you find webpage transition animations annoying when browsing the web with Internet Explorer 8, disable them.

#4: Search Video Site Truveo Directly from the Browser
Query the Truveo video search engine from Internet Explorer 8, complete with search suggestions and video snapshots.

#5: Change Headers and Footers when Printing Web Pages
Add the time, date, or even your name to printed web page headers and footers from Internet Explorer 8.

#6: Don't Label Command Buttons, or Label Them All!
Internet Explorer 8 labels "selective" buttons in the Command Bar. Configure to display labels for all buttons or none of them instead.

#7: Accelerator to Share Webpages via Digg, FaceBook, Twitter, More
Post or e-mail webpages viewed from Internet Explorer 8 to a variety of services with a right-click Accelerator.

#8: Add a Stock Quote to the Favorites Bar
Keep up with a company's stock by placing a link on Internet Explorer 8's Favorites Bar.

#9: Search for Highlighted Products on Amazon
Use an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator to search Amazon merely by highlighting product names and performing a couple of clicks.

#10: Stop Disabling Toolbars and Extensions When Starting InPrivate Browsing
If you have toolbars and extensions that you need running even while browsing the web with Internet Explorer's InPrivate Browsing, prevent them from automatically being disabled.

#11: Define Highlighted Words with the Wiktionary Project
Use the volunteer-created Wiktionary as an alternative source to define words with an Internet Explorer 8 accelerator.

#12: Stop Showing Friendly Error Messages
Prevent Internet Explorer 8 from showing its own error message text when a web server reports a problem.

#13: Redisplay Warning When Closing Multiple Tabs
Force Internet Explorer 8 to warn you when closing the browser if multiple tabs are open in case it fails to do so.

#14: Disable Colored Tabs (Tab Groups)
Prevent Internet Explorer from grouping tabs opened from the same website together into colored Tab Groups.

#15: Add a Search Provider to Query Yahoo!
Query the Yahoo! search engine directly from Internet Explorer 8 via a Search Provider.

#16: Find Prices for Highlighted Technology Products via Newegg
Search the Newegg e-commerce website for information and prices for highlighted technology products via an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator.

#17: Get Stock Quotes for Highlighted Companies via Yahoo! Finance
Display financial information for a company mentioned in a webpage by highlighting it and using an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator.

#18: Define a Highlighted Word via
Instead of accessing a search engine or third-party website for a word you need defined, merely highlight it and select the Accelerator.

#19: Add a Search Provider to Directly Query ESPN
Search ESPN for sports information with an Internet Explorer 8 Search Provider.

#20: View Webpages in Full Screen or Kiosk Mode
View webpages in full screen mode without any toolbars, menu bar, or the Command Bar in Internet Explorer 8. Or open a webpage in kiosk mode.

#21: Access a Favorite Website from Anywhere with a Keyboard Shortcut
Create a keyboard shortcut that opens up a Favorite website, even if Internet Explorer is closed.

#22: View an Archived Copy of a Web Page you are Browsing
With an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator, access the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to see archived copies of a site you are browsing or a hyperlink on a page.

#23: Unable to Browse FTP Sites as Folders in Explorer
If you cannot access FTP sites through Explorer windows, ensure a configuration option has not been unchecked.

#24: Display Forecasts from Weather.Com
With the accelerator, you can highlight a city name or US zip code to open a new tab that displays the weather forecast.

#25: Visually Search Amazon for Books and Other Products
Shop Amazon directly from Internet Explorer 8 by performing a search, displaying matching images as search suggestions.

#26: Add Headlines from The New York Times to the Favorites Bar
Display a selection of headlines from The New York Times on the Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar.

#27: Add News about your Favorite MLB Team to the Favorites Bar
Add a Web Slice displaying news about a Major League Baseball team to your Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar, via ESPN.

#28: Toggle Displaying Suggested Sites to Find Similar Websites You May Not Have Previously Visited
Internet Explorer 8 can display sites similar to those you are browsing. Learn how to toggle this feature on or off.

#29: Create a Tiny URL from a Hyperlink
Shorten an URL for distribution in a newsletter, blog, Twitter update, etc.

#30: Display Stock Quote by Highlighting a Symbol
Access stock quotes by highlighting a company's symbol on a webpage viewed with Internet Explorer 8.

#31: Download Internet Explorer 8, Feed the Hungry
For a limited time, Microsoft will donate money to food banks for every completed download of Internet Explorer 8 through a special website.

#32: Have Multiple Home Pages but Open Only One at Startup
Configure Internet Explorer 8 to show multiple web pages when clicking the "Home" button, but only show the first one when starting the browser.

#33: Search for Cheaper Products on eBay by Highlighting a Product Name on a Web Page
Search for eBay matches to products mentioned on a web page via an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator.

#34: Play a Sound When a Feed or Web Slice is Discovered
Have Internet Explorer 8 audibly notify you when a feed or Web Slice is discovered for a webpage, and customize the sound.

#35: Visually Search Wikipedia
Perform a visual search of Wikipedia entries directly from Internet Explorer 8.

#36: Display Traffic from the Favorites Bar
Display traffic reports from Live Search on the Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar with a Web Slice.

#37: Disable In-Page Web Slice Discovery
Prevent Internet Explorer 8 from detecting web slices inside web pages and highlighting them with a rectangle.

#38: Display ESPN Sports Headlines on the Favorites Bar
Display sports headlines from ESPN as a Web Slice in the Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar.

#39: Print Background Colors and Images
Configure Internet Explorer 8 to print more-realistic copies of webpages by printing background colors and images.

#40: Display Weather from the Favorites Bar
Display weather reports from Live Search as a Web Slice in the Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar.

#41: Retweet text in Webpages Via an Accelerator
Access Twitter to retweet text found in a webpage when using Internet Explorer 8.

#42: Stop Showing the New Tab Page
Stop showing the new tab page when you open new tabs from Internet Explorer 8.

#43: Toggle the Accelerator Button
In Internet Explorer 8, toggle whether or not a blue Accelerator button should appear when you select text.

#44: Search Google Maps by Highlighting an Address on a Webpage
Search Google Maps from within Internet Explorer 8 by adding an Accelerator.

#45: Toggle Link Underlining
Toggle whether or not webpage links should be underlined by Internet Explorer 8, or whether or not underlines appear on mouse hovering.

#46: Block Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 8
Prevent Internet Explorer 8 from being offered as an Automatic Update on a machine.

#47: View a Map of a Selected Address with Live Search Maps
Highlight an address in Internet Explorer 8 and quickly view a map with Microsoft's mapping tool via an Accelerator.

#48: Search YouTube By Highlighting Text on a Webpage
Search for videos on YouTube from Internet Explorer 8 based on highlighted text on a webpage.

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