Microsoft Outlook 2007 Help and Tips

Microsoft Outlook 2007 help, including tips on the Calendar, sending e-mail, security and privacy, and general configuration issues.

#1: Request Receipts on Every EMail
Tired of recipients claiming they don't receive your e-mail? Force all e-mail to come with a delivery and/or read receipt request.

#2: Display Week Numbers
Display every week's number of the year in Outlook 2007's Monthly Calendar, useful when scheduling certain types of appointments.

#3: Disable Name Auto Suggest
Prevent Outlook 2007 from automatically suggesting names when you create messages.

#4: Show an Additional Time Zone in the Calendar
Display two time zones in Outlook 2007's Calendar if you frequently travel or set up meetings with participants in different areas.

#5: Change the Order of the Navigation Pane or Hide Buttons
Show or hide buttons in Outlook 2007's Navigation Pane (such as the normally hidden Journal), or reorder buttons as desired.

#6: Searching for a Message You Accidentally Deleted and Can't Find It?
Configure Outlook 2007 to include the "Deleted Items" folder when searching for text inside "All Items".

#7: Change Outlook 2007's Junk Email Filtering Level or Disable It
Increase the level of junk e-mail filtering Outlook 2007 performs. Or, disable filtering if too many false positives are found or if you are using a third-party solution.

#8: Change Calendar Font in Navigation Pane, Optionally Make it Really Big
For variety, readability, or personal preference, alter the font used to display the calendar in Outlook 2007's Navigation Pane.

#9: Stop Deleting Meeting Requests From the Inbox
Prevent Outlook 2007 from deleting a meeting request from your Inbox when you respond.

#10: Stop Warning Before Permanently Deleting Items
Prevent Outlook 2007 from showing a warning before permanently deleting an e-mail message, calendar entry, task, or other item.

#11: Change Reminder Sound
Change the sound Outlook 2007 plays when reminding you of an upcoming item.

#12: Change How Notes Are Displayed
Change the default size, color, and font for Notes in Outlook 2007.

#13: Never Allow Meeting Attendees to Propose New Times
Prevent attendees from proposing new times when you send out meeting requests in Outlook 2007.

#14: Add Holidays to the Calendar
Add country-specific and religious holidays to your calendar in Outlook 2007.

#15: Do not Send Read Receipt Requests
For privacy, configure Outlook 2007 to not deliver read receipt requests.

#16: Toggle Displaying the Paste Options Button
Configure whether or not Outlook 2007 should display a Paste Options button when pasting text from other software into a new e-mail message or other item.

#17: Toggle Tray Notification Icon When New E-Mail Arrives
Configure whether or not Outlook 2007 should show a notification icon in the Windows System Tray whenever new e-mail or other items are received.

#18: Stop Playing Sounds When E-Mail Arrives
Disable Outlook 2007's audio notification whenever new e-mail arrives in your Inbox.

#19: Change Calendar Work Week
Configure Outlook 2007 to use a different work week when viewing the calendar.

#20: Change Calendar Default Reminder Time
Give yourself more time when Outlook 2007 reminds you of upcoming appointments.

#21: Start in a Different Folder
Startup Outlook 2007 in a different e-mail folder instead of your Inbox.

#22: Add a Month to the To-Do Bar
Display two months in Outlook 2007's To-Do Bar.

#23: Empty Deleted Items Folder Upon Exit
Outlook 2007 can purge the contents of your Deleted Items Folder when exiting.

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