Microsoft Outlook 2010 Help and Tips

Microsoft Outlook 2010 tips including composing e-mail, planning events with the Calendar, security and privacy, and software configuration.

#1: Where is the Blind Carbon Copy Feature?
Send a copy of an e-mail via Blind Carbon Copy so all recipients are not shown.

#2: Oops! Prevent CTRL+ENTER from Sending a Message
Prevent Outlook 2010 from interpreting an accidental CTRL+ENTER as a request to send the current e-mail / message.

#3: Enlarge or Change the Calendar Date Navigator Font
Make the Date Navigator easier to read in Outlook 2010, or customize the font.

#4: Change 15 Minute Default Reminder Time
Configure Outlook 2010 when it reminds you and others about upcoming appointments.

#5: Show Total Number of Items in a Folder Instead
Instead of just showing the number of unread items inside a folder in Outlook 2010, show the total item count.

#6: Show Week Numbers in the Calendar
Add week numbers when viewing Outlook 2010 calendars to calculate meeting dates that must occur every 3 or 4 weeks instead of monthly.

#7: Display More Appointments, or Fewer with More Details
Change the time scale used when displaying calendars in Outlook 2010 to display more appointments simultaneously, or fewer with added detail.

#8: Help Prevent Data Loss; Save Messages as Drafts More Frequently
Save backup copies of e-mails and other items you are composing more often to help prevent data loss due to operating system crashes, etc.

#9: Display Formatting Marks When Editing Email
Display formatting marks for paragraphs, spaces, tabs, and other characters when editing e-mails and other items in Outlook 2010.

#10: How Much Hard Drive Space is Used by Folders?
Running out of hard drive space? Find out how much room is taken by a folder and all its subfolders in Outlook 2010.

#11: Start Outlook in the Calendar or other Folder
Instead of displaying your Inbox when opening Outlook 2010, view a different folder instead.

#12: Tired of Confirming When Deleting Items?
Prevent Outlook 2010 from requiring you to confirm every time you permanently remove an item.

#13: Move or Turn Off the Reading Pane
Want to move the Reading Pane to the bottom of the Outlook 2010 window or turn it off altogether?

#14: Save Sent Email / Message to a Different Folder
Need the copy of a particular e-mail / message you are sending in Outlook 2010 placed in a different folder than "Sent Items"?

#15: Change the Times of a Typical Work Day
Configure Outlook 2010's calendars to start and/or end the work day at a different time.

#16: Prevent Text From Accidentally Getting Moved
Disable the drag-and-drop text feature when composing items / e-mails from Outlook 2010.

#17: Stop Marking Items as Read Just By Clicking Off Them!
Outlook 2010 marks an item as read in the Reading Pane when you click on it and then select somewhere else. Disable this sometimes annoying behavior.

#18: Force Spell Check to Occur Before Sending Emails
To help avoid embarrassing mistakes, configure Outlook 2010 to always spell check your e-mail before sending it.

#19: Show More Calendar Months in the Right Pane
Configure Outlook 2010 to show more calendar months in the To-Do Bar on the right side of the application window.

#20: Disable Email Address AutoComplete
Prevent Outlook 2010 from making suggestions as you type e-mail addresses.

#21: Send a Message in Plain Text Without Fancy Formatting
Some people and automated e-mail processors prefer plain-text e-mail. Learn how to send an individual message in this format.

#22: Use Your Own Reminder Sound
Configure Outlook 2010 to play a reminder sound of your choosing.

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