Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Help and Tips

Tips on configuring and using the PowerPoint 2007 presentation software.

#1: Equalize Text Height for a Cartoonish Effect
Need another way for text to stand out in a PowerPoint 2007 slide show?

#2: Slide Show Graphics, Video, and Animations Display Slow or Poorly
Adjust performance options when displaying slide shows in PowerPoint 2007.

#3: Don't Accidentally Show a Menu During a Slide Show
Prevent accidentally displaying a pop-up menu when showing an important slide show in PowerPoint 2007.

#4: See if Features Are Lost if a Presentation is Saved as an Older Version
Find out if text and shapes cannot be edited, or other problems that may occur when saving a presentation in a file format compatible with older versions of PowerPoint.

#5: Stop Turning Web Addresses into Hyperlinks
When typing web addresses in PowerPoint 2007 presentations, they are automatically re-colored and turned into hyperlinks. Learn how to prevent this from happening.

#6: Disable Animation from Your Slide Show, and Quickly
Need to show a previously-made presentation that includes animation to those who just want to "get down to business"? Temporarily hide animation from your slideshow.

#7: Printing in Black and White or Grayscale? View the Presentation That Way.
Make your PowerPoint 2007 presentations appear onscreen similar to how they will look if printed in black and white or grayscale.

#8: Tired of Tips Popping Up? Customize or Remove Them.
Customize or remove the ScreenTips that appear when hovering over the Ribbon and other screen elements in PowerPoint 2007.

#9: Stop Ignoring M8stak3s L8ke 5hese...
Prevent PowerPoint 2007's spell checker from ignoring mistakes when typing a number instead of a letter in a word.

#10: Draw Attention to Part of Your Presentation with Text Reflections
Make selected text in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation appear to cause a reflection.

#11: Glow Text
Make text stand out in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation by making it glow.

#12: Disable List of Recently Opened Presentations
Prevent PowerPoint 2007 from keeping and showing a list of the most recently-accessed presentation files.

#13: Ensure Others View Your Presentations Correctly by Embedding Fonts
Distribute PowerPoint 2007 presentations that display as intended - embed TrueType fonts into the file.

#14: Remove Personal Information and Metadata from a Presentation Before Distribution
Before you distribute your PowerPoint 2007 presentations, inspect them for information that may prove embarrassing or violate your privacy.

#15: Add or Remove the Paste Options Button
Toggle whether the Paste Options button should appear when pasting text from other software into PowerPoint 2007.

#16: Loop a Slideshow Continuously
Keep looping through a PowerPoint 2007 slideshow continuously until the 'Esc' key is pressed.

#17: Automatically Save Presentations for Older PowerPoint Users
By default, save PowerPoint 2007 presentations in a format usable by those running older versions of PowerPoint.

#18: Change the Default File Location
Change the folder that PowerPoint 2007 opens by default to load or save presentations.

#19: Adjust Character Spacing
Adjust spacing between letters in selected text in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

#20: Add Slide Numbers
Add the slide number to the bottom of each slide in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

#21: Prevent Searching for Help Content Online
Prevent PowerPoint 2007 from going online when you search for help.

#22: Stop Automatically Selecting Whole Words
Prevent PowerPoint 2007 from trying to select whole words when you select text.

#23: Prevent Accidental Text Dragging and Dropping
Prevent mistakes in PowerPoint 2007 that result from accidentally dragging and dropping text.

#24: Prevent Popup Toolbar in Slide Shows
Prevent the popup toolbar from appearing at the bottom of PowerPoint presentations when moving the mouse.

#25: Speed up PowerPoint by Disabling Live Preview
If your computer is slow running PowerPoint 2007, disabling Live Preview may make it more responsive.

#26: Add Rulers
Add rulers to PowerPoint 2007 to aid in lining up presentation elements.

#27: Add Shadow to Text
Add outer, inner, or perspective shadowing to text.

#28: Do Not End Slide Shows with a Black Slide
Remove the black slide at the end of PowerPoint 2007 Slide Shows.

#29: Allow More Undos
Allow PowerPoint 2007 to remember more operations so you can undo them if necessary.

#30: Change Ribbon Color
Change the ribbon's color to black, silver, or blue.

#31: Copyright and Trademark Symbols
Add copyright, trademark, and registered trademark symbols to your PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

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