Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Help and Tips

Help on developing attention-gathering slideshow presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Plus, read tips on configuring the software to better fit your needs.

#1: Don't Use Keyboard Shortcuts? Remove Them From ScreenTips
If you prefer not to use keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2010, stop showing them in the pop-up ScreenTip help.

#2: Animations or Video Displaying Poorly?
An old graphics card or poorly-implemented driver may be causing display problems for your PowerPoint 2010 presentations. Learn how to switch to software-based rendering for increased compatibility.

#3: Fade an Image to the Background with a Soft Edge
Apply customizable soft edges to photos and clip-art inside PowerPoint 2010 presentations.

#4: Toggle Gridlines, Guides, and Rulers When Designing Slides
Use rulers, drawing guides, and / or gridlines to arrange objects inside slides in PowerPoint 2010 presentations.

#5: Change the Default Pen and "Laser Pointer" Colors
Make the annotating pen and virtual laser pointer appear in different colors while displaying a PowerPoint 2010 slide show.

#6: Apply Artistic Effects Including Blur, Cement, Chalk Sketch, Film Grain
Apply artistic effects to pictures / photos in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation without loading an external image editor.

#7: Inserting a Screenshot Into Your Presentation
Illustrate how to use a software program or web service by adding a screenshot into your PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

#8: Stop Asking to Save Ink Annotations!
Prevent PowerPoint 2010 from even asking to save ink annotations after a presentation.

#9: Undo Picture Adjustments
Reset a heavily-modified picture in PowerPoint 2010 to its imported state.

#10: If you Find the Popup ScreenTips Annoying, Disable Them!
Disable pop-up ScreenTips in PowerPoint 2010 if you don't find them at all useful.

#11: Change Default AutoRecover and Presentation File Locations
Change the default directory where PowerPoint 2010 presentations are saved as well as where AutoRecover files are kept.

#12: Give a Picture a Reflection
Make a picture in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation appear to cause a reflection on a glossy surface.

#13: Force All Documents to Open in a Particular View
If you open many PowerPoint 2010 documents daily and every author saves them with their own view, force PowerPoint to start on one particular view.

#14: Leave the Text, Take the Formatting (Away)
Have you tweaked the formatting of a section of text inside a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to the point it is unusable? Quickly remove all formatting while keeping the text intact.

#15: Is Underlined Text Boring? Apply Waves, Dots, Colors, More
A variety of ways to underline text is at your disposal when designing slides in PowerPoint 2010.

#16: Increase Size of, or Remove, List of Recent Files
Alter the number of recent presentation files PowerPoint 2010 remembers, or remove the entire list for privacy.

#17: Stop Accidentally Showing the Popup Menu During Slide Shows
If you don't need to annotate nor skip through a PowerPoint 2010 slide show, prevent the popup menu from appearing by accident.

#18: Embed Fonts So Others Can View / Edit Presentations
Include copies of unique fonts in your PowerPoint 2010 presentations so they can be seen as designed by others.

#19: Shrink or Expand Text Spacing
Expand text spacing in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation for effect, or fit more on one line by reducing white space.

#20: Backtrack Your Mistakes by Allowing More Undos
If PowerPoint 2010's Undo feature doesn't remember enough edits, force it to remember up to 150.

#21: The Text, It Glows!
Make text glow in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation in a variety of colors and sizes.

#22: Stop Ending Slide Shows with a Black, Blank Slide
Remove the black, blank slide that PowerPoint 2010 adds to the end of slideshows.

#23: Warp Text in a Circle, Wave, or Fade
Used with some discretion, warped text can draw attention to parts of your PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

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