Microsoft Publisher 2007 Help and Tips

Tips on configuring and using Microsoft Publisher 2007 including advice on text formatting, altering images, and general configuration tweaks.

#1: Change the Ruler to Show Pixels When Designing for the Screen
If your Publisher documents are meant for the screen, configure the software to use pixel measurement units.

#2: Pack a Document for Distribution to Another Computer
Embed TrueType fonts and include linked images into your Publisher 2007 document so it can be distributed to another computer.

#3: Insert a Linked Picture to Decrease Size of Publication Files
Instead of creating huge publication files by embedding all pictures contained therein, link to the images instead.

#4: Add Copyright, Trademark, Registered Trademark Symbols to Documents
Easily add copyright and trademark symbols to your Publisher 2007 documents, and learn how to change a setting if this feature is disabled.

#5: Toggle Hyphenation in New Text Boxes
Configure whether or not Publisher 2007 should automatically hyphenate text when creating a new text box.

#6: Render Pictures Quicker Onscreen for Slower Computers or Complex Documents
Force Publisher 2007 to render documents containing pictures quicker, though onscreen picture quality may suffer.

#7: Two Ways to Move a Page
Move an entire page when editing a Publisher 2007 document.

#8: Adjust Image Brightness or Contrast
Without opening an external image editor, adjust an image's brightness or contrast level in a Publisher 2007 document.

#9: Nudge Objects Even when Editing a Text Box
Move objects slightly to the left, right, up, or down, even when editing text.

#10: Toggle Getting Started Screen
Toggle whether or not a "Getting Started with Microsoft Office Publisher 2007" screen should appear upon startup.

#11: Toggle Paragraph Markers, Dots between Words, Other Hidden Characters
Toggle whether or not hidden characters such as paragraph markers and dots representing spaces should appear when editing Publisher 2007 documents.

#12: Insert from a Text File without Copying and Pasting
Insert the contents of a text file into a story in a Publisher 2007 document without using the clipboard.

#13: Switch Pages Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Navigate to different pages in a Publisher 2007 document without using the mouse.

#14: Apply a Variety of Underline Styles
Underline text in Publisher 2007 documents in multiple ways including double underlining, dashes, and waves.

#15: Toggle Hyphenation in a Particular Story
Toggle whether or not a particular story should contain hyphenated text.

#16: Add a Drop Cap
Add a stylized drop cap to the beginning of a paragraph in a Publisher 2007 document.

#17: Hide Paste Options Button When Pasting Text
Prevent Publisher 2007 from showing a button whenever you paste formatted text.

#18: Change Picture Color Schemes
Alter a picture's colors in Microsoft Publisher 2007.

#19: Change Distance Arrow Keys Nudge Objects
Change the distance by which an object is moved in Publisher 2007 when selecting it and using the arrow keys.

#20: Automatically Fit Text Inside a Text Box
Force text to fit inside its surrounding text box in Publisher 2007.

#21: Stop Accidentally Moving Text
Prevent accidentally moving text in Publisher 2007 by dragging and dropping.

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