Microsoft Publisher 2010 Help and Tips

Microsoft Publisher 2010 tips on editing publications and configuring the software to better work for you.

#1: Save AutoRecover Information More or Less Often
If you're worried about program crashes and power outages, you may want Publisher 2010 to save AutoRecover information more often to reduce the chances of losing work.

#2: Draw Attention; Border Text with a Graphic
Add BorderArt to a text box to draw attention to important information or just to spice up a publication.

#3: Adjust Character Spacing, Width for Effect or to Fit More Text
Draw attention to text in a Publisher 2010 document, or fit more text into a box by adjusting character width and spacing.

#4: Stop Accidentally Moving Text!
Prevent accidental moving of text in Publisher 2010 via its drag-and-drop feature.

#5: Designing a Document for the Screen? Show Pixels in the Ruler
If you are designing a document in Microsoft Publisher 2010 that is meant for on-screen display rather than as a hardcopy, change the ruler measurement units to pixels.

#6: Add a Drop Cap for Style
Insert a stylized initial drop cap to the first sentence of paragraphs in a Publisher 2010 document.

#7: Hide Recent Publications List or Show More
For privacy, configure Publisher 2010 not to show the list of your recent publications. Or, show more of them.

#8: Disable Hyphenation in New Text Boxes
Prevent Publisher 2010 from automatically hyphenating text inside new text boxes.

#9: Change an Image / Photo's Brightness and Contrast
Tweak an image's brightness and / or contrast in Publisher 2010 without loading an external image editor.

#10: Toggle Viewing Hidden Characters Such as Paragraph Markers
Toggle viewing paragraph and other formatting characters inside textboxes in Publisher 2010 documents.

#11: Add Euro, Copyright, Trademark, Other Symbols
Add the Euro, copyright, and trademark symbols into your Publisher 2010 documents with ease, and other symbols with just a few clicks.

#12: Disable Paste Options Button
Tired of buttons appearing every time you paste text into a Publisher 2010 document?

#13: Nudge Objects Slightly and Configure the Nudging Distance
Move objects in Publisher 2010 publications slightly without using the mouse, and fine-tune this nudging distance.

#14: A Variety of Underline Styles
Underline text in a Publisher 2010 document with dots, dashes, waves, and more.

#15: Start Publisher with Just a Blank Document
Stop showing the New Template Gallery when starting Publisher 2010.

#16: Add a Calendar for a Month
Need a monthly calendar for a newsletter or other Publisher 2010 document? Add one with ease; several pre-made styles are available.

#17: Grayscale, Sepia, or Tint an Image
For artistic reasons, convert an image in a Publisher 2010 document to grayscale, give it a sepia tone, or tint it another color.

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