Microsoft Word 2010 Help and Tips

Microsoft Word 2010 tips and tweaks including document formatting and typography, inserting and editing images, and software configuration.

#1: Remove Text Formatting, Highlighting, and Styles
A 3-part tip to removing all formatting, highlighting, and style from a selected block of text.

#2: Hide the Recent Documents and Clear the Recent Places for Privacy
Prevent Word 2010 from showing recently-accessed documents, and clear the list of recently-opened document locations.

#3: W0rds w8th Numbers Pass the S0ellchecker!
Prevent potentially embarrassing mistakes by turning off a Microsoft Word spell check "feature"

#4: Allow the Insert Key to Overwrite Existing Text
Overwrite existing text in Word 2010 documents simply by pressing the Insert key.

#5: Make Sure Others Can See Your Fonts
Embed fonts inside your Word 2010 documents to ensure others can see your texts as designed.

#6: Remove White Space Between Pages in Print Layout View
In Word 2010, if there is too much white space between pages when viewing documents in Print Layout View, here's how to reduce it.

#7: Create Lists Without the Ribbon
Create bulleted, numbered, and multilevel (such as outline) lists without using the Ribbon.

#8: Fancy Up Your Text with Reflections and Tweak the Effects
Have certain text in a Word 2010 document appear to reflect on a shiny surface.

#9: Give Your Text a Healthy Glow
Text can stand out in a Word 2010 document by glowing in a variety of colors and sizes.

#10: Stop Replacing Text If I Accidentally Select It First!
Configure Word 2010 to not replace text if you select it and then start typing.

#11: Show Thumbnails of Your Document Pages
See thumbnails of each page of your Word 2010 document for easier navigation instead of jumping around willy-nilly.

#12: Stop Accidentally Moving Text Around All Over the Place!
Prevent Word 2010 from allowing text to be dragged and dropped.

#13: Prevent Paste Options Button from Appearing
When pasting text into a Word 2010 document, hide the Paste Options button that tends to appear.

#14: Gain a Few Extra Pixels; Disable the Vertical Scroll Bar
Turning off Word 2010's vertical scroll bar may make it easier to view/edit documents without having to scroll horizontally.

#15: Add Line Numbers for Reference, Editing
Quickly add line numbers to a Word 2010 document so text can more easily be referenced.

#16: Finished With Your 2,000 Word Book Report? And Other Counting Features
Quickly display the number of pages, words, characters, paragraphs, and lines in your Word 2010 document.

#17: Automatically Attach Document Properties to Printouts
Attach the document filename and path, title, last saved date, number of words, and other information to the end of printouts in Word 2010.

#18: Stop Hyperlinking URLs Already!
Word 2010 automatically hyperlinks URLs and network addresses as you type them into your documents, even gopher addresses. Learn how to stop this practice.

#19: Do Not Waste Time Designing Your Own Cover Page...
Microsoft Word 2010 comes built-in with several cover page designs you might wish to use instead of taking time designing your own.

#20: Do Not Proofread a Section of a Document
Or, why is a section of my Word 2010 document not getting proofed?

#21: Give Text a Gradient or Rainbow Fill
Make important text stand out with gradient or rainbow fills, and apply a multitude of display tweaks.

#22: Spice Up Your Underlines with Colors, Dashes, Waves, and More
Draw attention to text by underlining it in different colors and styles in Word 2010.

#23: Stop Capitalizing the First Letter of a Line / Sentence!
Word 2010 automatically helps you by capitalizing the first word of what it deems to be a new sentence. If you don't like this behavior, disable it.

#24: Dashes, Fractions, and Ordinals! Oh My! Stop the Replacing.
Prevent Word 2010 from replacing dashes, fractions, and ordinals with characters that might not be desired or even viewable in all situations.

#25: Make Paragraphs Stand Out with Drop Caps
Drop Caps can make the first paragraph of a chapter or document section stand out, and they are easy to make and customize.

#26: Stop Selecting Entire Words!
When selecting text in a Word 2010 document, prevent the application from forcing you to select entire words.

#27: Stop the Not So Smart Quotes
Prevent Word 2010 from converting your quotes into those that don't always paste well into other applications and documents.

#28: Decrease Document Size by Preventing Image Resetting
Prevent Word 2010 from keeping a second copy of edited images to decrease file size at the expense of disabling picture resetting.

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