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Miscellaneous Software - Mute Your Computer When You Lock It

SUMMARY: Mute on Lock automatically mutes your computer when it is locked. Plus, it provides a keyboard shortcut to toggle muting the machine.

Do you sometimes forget to mute the sound on your Windows desktop or laptop before locking it? If so, this usually means entering your password to unlock the computer, clicking on the volume control in the Taskbar, muting the sound, then locking the computer again...

This small inconvenience may be no more by installing "Mute on Lock". This utility sits in the System Tray and automatically mutes the sound when the machine is locked, un-muting it after it is unlocked. As a bonus, this also includes a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M that lets you toggle muting the sound, irrespective of system locking.

The software may be downloaded at the following address; a portable version is available. It works on Windows XP and above, though you may have to run the application in XP Compatibility Mode on later versions:

* Mute on Lock

This tip was written regarding Mute on Lock v1.0 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.


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