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[MODIFIED] General Computers : Why Do Install Programs Ask Me to Close Everything or Restart?

When installing software, here's why you should close down all running applications - but think twice before shutting down security software.

[MODIFIED] Screen Capture : Greenshot for Windows can Upload to Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, and More

Greenshot is an open-source screen capture program for Windows that allows basic image editing and integration with a variety of third-party software packages and web services.

[MODIFIED] Google Chrome : View Memory and CPU Usage, Network Activity of Each Tab

Display memory, CPU, network, and other Google Chrome usage details.

Mozilla Firefox - Plugins and Extensions : Grab a Word Count and Readability Score of Selected Text

Need a quick count of the number of words or characters on a webpage or section of text?

Internet Explorer 11 : Place Sites Directly in the Start Menu for Easy Access

Add links to frequently-visited websites directly to the Windows Start Menu.

Windows 8 : Tweak the Explorer Navigation Pane

Missing seeing Libraries in Explorer? Want to see a full list of folders? Or do you not need to see the Favorites?

Windows 8 : Stop Rearranging My Windows!

Prevent Windows 8.1 from automatically rearranging and resizing windows when they are moved to the edges.

[MODIFIED] Buying a Digital Camera : Hidden Costs with Higher Megapixel Cameras

Higher-megapixel digital cameras may have hidden costs besides just the cost of the camera.

Windows 8 : Resize Start Screen Tiles

Change the size of tiles on your Windows 8.1 Start screen to show or hide live tile details.

Internet Explorer 11 : Change the Default Search Provider to Google, Yahoo!, or Something Else

Tired of IE11 always searching the web with Bing? Learn how to easily change the default search provider to something else.

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