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Opera 8
Help and Tips

Tips for an older version of the Opera web browser. Some of these may work with the current version.

#1: Slow Bandwidth? Don't Load Images
If you browse the web on a dial-up connection, consider not viewing images to make webpages load faster with Opera 8.

#2: Toggle the Scroll Bars
Are the scroll bars in Opera 8 taking too much room away from viewing web pages? Remove them!

#3: Change the Home Page
Change the first page that opens up whenever you start the Opera web browser.

#4: Hide or Show Close Button (X) on Each Tab
Toggle showing the close button on every tab in the Opera 8 web browser.

#5: Tired of Accidentally Closing Opera? Confirm Your Exit
Force Opera 8 to always ask whether or not you wish to close the web browser, helping prevent accidental closes.

#6: Stop Notifying Me When Pop-Up Windows are Blocked
Prevent Opera 8 from announcing that its pop-up blocker works. Let it block pop-ups silently.

#7: Hide Images While a Site is Loading
Is a webpage taking too long to display due to large images loading? Stop this with Opera 8.

#8: Take Notes as You Browse the Web
Quickly note important or interesting information about a particular website browsed in Opera 8 without grabbing a pen or opening Notepad.

#9: Auto-Server Name Completion Not Working?
This tweak can help fix automatic web server name completion if it fails to work.

#10: Organize Your Notes
Make it easier to later find notes entered into the Opera 8 web browser.

#11: Toggle the Main Bar
Expert Opera 8 user? Save screen real-estate for web browsing; turn the Main Bar off.

#12: Toggle the Status Bar
Show hyperlink and page loading information in Opera 8 by enabling the status bar.

#13: Disable Tooltip Help
Expert Opera 8 users - this tweak keeps tooltips from displaying.

#14: Copy Webpage Text Directly to a Note
Insert webpage text directly into an Opera 8 note without having to manually cut-and-paste.

#15: Designing Websites for Small Screen Devices?
Simulate small screen devices in Opera 8 when testing designed webpages.

#16: Change Display Colors to Windows Standard
Force Opera 8 to use the Windows Native color scheme.

#17: Disable Web Page Sounds
Prevent most webpages from playing music or sound effects in Opera 8.

#18: Disable the Home Page
Prevent Opera 8 from automatically loading a home page every time it starts.

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