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Tips for Opera, a freeware web browser for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows, with support for mouse gestures, a password manager, and voice-control.

Opera 8

Tips for an older version of the Opera web browser. Some of these may work with the current version.

#1: Show or Hide the Menu Bar
Toggle whether or not Opera should show the new Opera menu button or the standard menu bar.

#2: Keep JavaScript Enabled but Prevent Certain Operations
Prevent JavaScript in web pages viewed in Opera from moving windows, resizing them, and more.

#3: Groove to a Lava Lamp
Experience the 60's when browsing the web with Opera by adding a Lava Lamp Widget.

#4: View Web Page Source in Opera or External Program
Display the HTML source of a web page viewed in Opera, optionally in Notepad or another external program.

#5: Do Not Print Page Backgrounds
Save your printer toner or ink when printing webpage documents in Opera by skipping background colors and textures.

#6: Remove Web Page History for Privacy
Increase your privacy when browsing the web with Opera - eliminate website history tracking.

#7: Make Web Pages Larger to Aid the Visually Impaired
Having a hard time viewing web pages in Opera? Zoom in to display everything much larger. Tip includes keyboard shortcuts.

#8: Tired of the Default Download Location? Change It!
Configure Opera to ask you to download files to a different folder by default, such as on a separate hard drive or partition.

#9: View All Referenced Links from a Web Page
Display a list of all hyperlinks referenced from a particular page while browsing the web with Opera.

#10: Move Tab Bar to Bottom, or Display Tabs as Thumbnails on the Side
Move Opera 10's Tab Bar to the bottom of the browser if you find that more convenient, or display webpage thumbnails by moving it to the left or right side.

#11: Change How Opera Handles Updates
For privacy and security reasons, configure Opera to automatically install updates, only notify you when updates exist, or never check for updates.

#12: Hide the Tab Bar, Status Bar, Menu Bar, etc. and View Websites in Full Screen Mode
Hide Opera 10's tab bar, status bar, menu bar, and other on-screen elements, as well as operating system toolbars by browsing websites in full screen mode.

#13: Download the Opera Web Browser
Where to download Opera, a freeware web browser for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.

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