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Microsoft Outlook 2010

Save Sent Email / Message to a Different Folder

SUMMARY: Need the copy of a particular e-mail / message you are sending in Outlook 2010 placed in a different folder than "Sent Items"?

As you send e-mails and other items in Microsoft Outlook 2010, copies are placed in the "Sent Items" folder. If you send a lot of e-mails and other items, this folder can become very large and unwieldy.

There may be times where you need to quickly find the copy of a particular mail you are sending, or perhaps generally you want to better organize your e-mail and place copies of outgoing items in relevant folders. If so, you can force Outlook 2010 to place the copy of a particular sent item in any folder of your choosing - you can even create a new folder to place the sent item.

1. While composing a message / e-mail, click the "Options" tab in the Ribbon.

2. In the "More Options" section, click the "Save Sent Item To" button / pull-down.

3. A pop-up menu appears. Options include choosing a different folder, using the default folder (defaults to "Sent Items"), and not saving the sent item.

Directing Outlook 2010 to save the sent item to a different folder - note your screen will differ as "Website Comments" is a folder used in this example installation of Outlook

If you choose "Other Folder", a "Select Folder" dialog box appears and you can choose where to save the item once sent. If desired, click the "New" button to create a new folder to store the sent item. Then click "OK" on the dialog box(es) when you have made your selection.

Choosing where to save the copy of the currently edited e-mail / item in Outlook 2010. Note that your screen may differ depending on your list of folders

Until the item has actually been sent, it will remain in the "Outbox" and not be visible in the folder you chose.

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