Outlook 2003 Calendar and Meeting Help and Tips

Microsoft Outlook 2003's Calendar and Meeting / Appointment reminder tool. Tweaks, locale customizations, adding holidays, and more.

#1: Show Recurring Appointments
Help plan your workweek by viewing reoccurring appointments and meetings in your Outlook 2003 Calendar.

#2: Keep Others From Suggesting Appointment Times
Keep others from trying to change the times of your appointments in Microsoft Outlook.

#3: Change the Calendar Workweek
Let Outlook 2003's "Work Week" view represent your actual workweek, not a M-F schedule.

#4: Work in a Different Time Zone
Let Outlook 2003 display appointments and meetings in your co-workers' time zone.

#5: Keep Meeting Requests from Being Deleted
File your Microsoft Outlook 2003 meeting requests instead of automatically deleting them.

#6: Change the Reminder Sound
Change the sound Outlook 2003 plays when it reminds you of an upcoming meeting or appointment.

#7: Publish More Free/Busy Information
Allow other networked Outlook 2003 users to see when you are free for a meeting request months from now.

#8: Play Different Sounds Per Appointment
Aurally note when different appointments and meetings occur with Outlook 2003.

#9: Change the Calendar Color
Tweak the background color of your Outlook 2003 Calendar.

#10: Stop showing a 8a to 5p Calendar
Force Microsoft Outlook's Calendar Daily View to recognize alternate work schedules.

#11: Change Busy Status of Appointment
Change an appointment status from Busy to Tentative in Outlook 2003 in case you may not be able to show up.

#12: Add Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or Country-Specific Holidays
Add holidays to your Outlook 2003 Calendar.

#13: Drag and Drop Events
Quickly move appointments and meetings from one day to another in the Outlook 2003 Calendar.

#14: Change the Calendar Workweek
Force Outlook 2003 to display the Calendar using alternate workweeks such as Sunday - Thursday or Tuesday - Saturday.

#15: Start in Calendar View
Start up Outlook 2003 viewing your appointment and meeting schedule.

#16: Open the Calendar in a New Window
Keep Outlook 2003's Inbox on-screen while viewing the Calendar.

#17: Start your Calendar Work Week on Monday
If you work a Monday to Friday job, shouldn't Microsoft Outlook's Calendar work the same way?

#18: Change the Default Reminder Time
Let Outlook 2003's calendar remind you earlier before an appointment or meeting begins.

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