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Freeware Panda Batch File Renamer for Windows

SUMMARY: Panda Batch File Renamer offers a wide variety of rename options, and can show thumbnails of queued photos to help during the rename process.

Panda Batch File Renamer is a freeware (for non-commercial use) file rename utility for Windows. The software offers features standard in most renaming packages including adding, replacing, and deleting text. Additional functions include removing accents, reversing text, and regular expression support. File, image, music, and photo information can be added, allowing for filenames including image dimensions, parent folder names, and song artists, for example.

Files may be added to the rename queue via the menu bar, "Add files" button, or Explorer drag-and-drop. You can choose to rename all files in the queue or only selected files. If after the renaming you realize you made a mistake, the program supports an undo function. You can also choose to undo all or only a few renames, offering extra flexibility.

Using Panda Batch File Renamer

While renaming images, thumbnails are displayed of the files to be renamed. Likewise, renaming music displays ID3 tags such as the song artists, album names, track names, and durations. Other features include minimizing the application to the system tray, adjusting the thumbnail height, choosing the file list font, and adjusting the button skin.

The software runs on Windows XP and above, and the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 is required. For more information and to download:

* Panda Batch File Renamer

This tip was written regarding Panda Batch File Renamer v1.6 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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