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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Adjust Character Spacing

SUMMARY: Adjust spacing between letters in selected text in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

In some situations when designing a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you may wish to adjust the spacing between characters in a line of text. For example, you may wish to fit a few more characters in a particular line, squeezing / tightening the characters together. Or, conversely, you might want to loosen the spacing to make text easier to read, especially for those in the back of a conference room.

1. Select the text you wish to adjust.

2. Click on the "Home" tab in the Ribbon.

3. In the "Font" section, click on the "Character Spacing" button.

4. In the popup menu, choose from the five text spacing options - Very Tight, Tight, Normal, Loose, or Very Loose.

If desired, instead click "More spacing" in the popup menu to open the "Font" dialog box's "Character Spacing" tab.

* To adjust the spacing, click the pull-down next to "Spacing" and choose from "Normal", "Expanded", or "Condensed".

* If you chose to expand or condense the spacing, next to "By", enter the point size by which to expand or condense the spacing.

* Kerning (the automatic adjustment of spacing between letters in proportional fonts) can be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking the "Kerning for fonts" checkbox.

* If kerning is enabled, you can force PowerPoint to only perform this on larger fonts, or on virtually all font sizes, by adjusting the point size next to "Points and above". You can choose from 1-1000 pt.

* Click "OK" on the "Font" dialog box to use your advanced settings.

Configuring more spacing options in text in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation

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