Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Shrink or Expand Text Spacing

SUMMARY: Expand text spacing in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation for effect, or fit more on one line by reducing white space.

While designing a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation, have you ever wanted to fit more text on a line, yet reducing the font size just won't do? You can cram a little more text together by reducing the white space between characters.

Conversely, you can accentuate a block of text by increasing the space between its letters, forcing it to fill more of the screen horizontally.

Examples of adjusting character spacing in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation

1. Select the block of text you wish to adjust.

2. Click the "Home" tab in the Ribbon.

3. In the "Font" section, click the "Character Spacing" button (it looks like the letters AV with a double-sided arrow underneath).

4. A pop-up menu appears with several spacing options you can choose:

* Very Tight
* Tight
* Normal
* Loose
* Very Loose

Adjusting character spacing in PowerPoint 2010

Or, select "More Spacing" to open the "Font" dialog box to the "Character Spacing" tab. Click the pull-down next to "Spacing" to adjust between the following basic options:

* Normal
* Expanded
* Condensed

Next to "By", enter the number of points by which you want to adjust the spacing.

Click "OK" to close the "Font" dialog box.

Adjusting character spacing in PowerPoint 2010 via the "Font" dialog box

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