PowerPoint 2003 - Charts and Graphics

Add a Background Design to Your Slides

SUMMARY: Spruce up your Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 slides with graphics such as clouds, streams, or mountain tops.

Your Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 slide designs are not limited to black text on a white background. By selecting "Format" - "Slide Design", you can choose from a wide array of slide background designs including:

* Clouds
* Curtain Call
* Fireworks
* Maple (leaves)
* Stream
* Mountain Top
* Teamwork (shaking hands)

Just click on a design to use it for the entire presentation. If you move your mouse pointer to the right-side of a particular design, a button with a down-pointed arrow will appear. Click the button and the following options will appear:

* Apply to All Slides: The default action - applies the background design to all slides in the current presentation.

* Apply to Selected Slides - Only applies the background design to one slide or a few selected slides.

* Use for All New Presentations - Change the default slide design.

* Show Large Previews - The small background design previews may be hard to see.

At the bottom of the list you will notice a link to "Design Templates on Microsoft Office Online". Click this option and ... well, it might not work for you. Try this link instead in Internet Explorer (the download links to slide templates may not work for Firefox, Netscape, or Opera users):


Select the "PowerPoint" link underneath "Browse Templates" and the "Slide Designs" link on the page that follows. From here you can view and install templates in a variety of categories including:

* Abstract
* Business
* Education
* Nature
* Sports
* Whimsy
* Designs from Previous Versions

Click on a desired background, click "Download Now", and the template should be installed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

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