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Display Only Selected Slides in a Slideshow

SUMMARY: Create a master PowerPoint 2003 slideshow and present different slides to different groups of people.

Planning on presenting the same basic Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 slideshow to different audiences but need to alter the presentation slightly for each group? Perhaps you just need to alter the first slide depending on the viewers' company names, or different viewers may only need access to certain charts and graphs in your presentation.

Instead of creating multiple presentation files, create one master presentation. Before displaying each show, there are setup options you can choose to determine which slides will be shown to the viewers.

Show a range of slides

Instead of your slideshow consisting of all of the slides in the current presentation, you can limit the show to a specific range of slides.

1. Click "Slide Show" - "Set up Show".

2. A "Set Up Show" dialog box will appear as shown in the below screenshot. Underneath "Show slides", click the "From" radio button.

Screenshot: Selecting a range of slides to display in a PowerPoint 2003 slideshow.

3. Enter the starting and ending slide for your presentation.

4. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

Show specific slides in a custom show

Instead of showing a range of slides, perhaps you need to show only specific slides that may not be in sequential order?

For example, imagine you need to present a slideshow to fictional companies ABC Company and Widgets Incorporated. The first company needs to see the actual 4th quarter sales of a product; the second company should be shown the 1st quarter estimates. The master presentation file could be arranged with the following slides:

1. Title: ABC Company
2. Title: Widgets Incorporated
3. Introduction
4. Fourth Quarter Actuals
5. First Quarter Estimates
6. Analysis
7. Conclusion

Two custom slideshows can be created from these slides. First, for ABC Company:

1. Title: ABC Company
2. Introduction
3. Fourth Quarter Actuals
4. Analysis
5. Conclusion

And, for Widgets Incorporated:

1. Title: Widgets Incorporated
2. Introduction
3. First Quarter Estimates
4. Analysis
5. Conclusion

To create custom slideshow presentations:

1. Select "Slide Show" - "Custom Shows".

2. The "Custom Shows" dialog box will appear. Click "New" to create a new show.

3. A "Define Custom Show" dialog box will appear. Next to "Slide show name" enter a name for the custom show.

4. Double-click a slide in the left pane to move it to the show. Click on a slide in the right pane then the "Remove" button to remove it from the show. You can also click on slides and then the up or down arrow buttons to rearrange them. See the example below:

Screenshot: Selecting slides to display in a custom PowerPoint 2003 slideshow.

5. When you are done creating your customized slideshow, click "OK" to close the "Define Custom Show" dialog box.

6. You can close the "Custom Shows" dialog box by clicking "Close", or note the other buttons:

* Edit - Click on a custom show then this button to edit the selected show.

* Remove - Click on a custom show then this button to remove it from the PowerPoint 2003 file. This will not remove slides in the presentation file, just the customized slideshow.

* Copy - Click on a custom show then this button to make a duplicate show.

* Show - Click on a custom show then this button to show the selected custom show.

Instead of clicking the Show button, you can set up PowerPoint to use a customized slideshow in the "Set up Show" dialog:

1. Click "Slide Show" - "Set up Show".

2. A "Set Up Show" dialog box will appear as shown in the below screenshot. Underneath "Show slides", click the "Custom Show" radio button.

3. Select your desired show from the pull-down.

4. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

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