PowerPoint 2003 Menus - Toolbars - Status Bar Help and Tips

Configure PowerPoint 2003's menus and toolbars.

#1: Add Menu Option to View Slide Show in a Window
View your PowerPoint 2003 slide show in a window without modifying the Show Type options.

#2: Toggle Popup Toolbar in Slideshows
Decide whether or not a popup toolbar should appear when playing slideshows in PowerPoint 2003.

#3: Enable or Disable Shortcut Keys When Hovering Over Toolbars
Toggle whether or not shortcut keys should display when you hover your mouse pointer over icons in PowerPoint 2003 toolbars.

#4: Change How Standard and Formatting Toolbars are Shown
Configure whether or not toolbars in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 should be spread out or bunched together.

#5: Toggle Showing Multiple Presentations as Multiple Taskbar Items
Display or hide icons in your Windows Taskbar representing multiple PowerPoint presentations.

#6: Toggle Status Bar Display
Display PowerPoint status information or more of your slides onscreen.

#7: Toggle Displaying Large Toolbar Icons
Use large Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 icons that are easy to view, or choose small ones that take up less space onscreen.

#8: Show All of the Menus
Instead of showing Personalized menus in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, display all available menu options.

#9: Don't Show Menus During a PowerPoint 2003 Slideshow
Keep your Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 slide shows looking professional - prevent a popup menu from accidentally appearing.

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