Microsoft Publisher 2007

Pack a Document for Distribution to Another Computer

SUMMARY: Embed TrueType fonts and include linked images into your Publisher 2007 document so it can be distributed to another computer.

Need to send a copy of a Microsoft Publisher 2007 document to another computer? It's not as simple as saving the file and copying / e-mailing it to someone else. The document may have fonts not included on another machine. Perhaps the Publisher document is linking to graphics instead of embedding them?

Instead, use Publisher's "Pack and Go" Wizard. This tool can embed TrueType fonts (that are legal to do so) into your document, and can include all linked graphics. The file(s) will then be packed into a .ZIP archive that can be burned to CD/DVD or distributed.

1. From the "File" menu, select "Pack and Go", then "Take to Another Computer".

Activating Publisher 2007's "Pack and Go" Wizard

2. Click "Next" when the wizard's introduction appears.

Publisher 2007's Pack and Go Wizard

3. Select whether you want to burn the publication to disc, copy to removable storage, copy to a floppy disk, or choose a different folder to store the file. Note that not all radio buttons may be accessible depending on your computer configuration.

4. When done making your choice, click the "Next" button.

Selecting the destination for your packed Publisher 2007 document

5. Now, choose which packing options you want by clicking the appropriate checkboxes:

* Embed TrueType fonts - Select this if you are sure your fonts are not on the destination computer

* Include linked graphics

* Create links for embedded graphics

6. When done making your choices, click the "Next" button.

Selecting font and image options when packing a Publisher 2007 document

7. The wizard then gives you one last chance to verify your choices. Click "Back" if you need to change the destination folder/drive or text/graphics choices, or click "Finish" to pack the document.

Confirming packing a Publisher 2007 document

8. Note that you may be asked to insert removable media - follow the onscreen prompts to continue the burning / copying process.

9. The wizard will prompt when it is complete. Click "OK" to close it.

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