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Telnet and SSH to remote computer resources with the PuTTY client. Tips on downloading and customizing this application.

#1: Forbid Resizing a Window
If a terminal session in PuTTY needs to be a required width and height, preventing resizing may prevent problems in remote applications.

#2: Disable Remote Changing of a Window Title
Prevent client computers from remotely changing the title of your PuTTY window.

#3: Diagnose Connection Errors Via Event Log
Use PuTTY's event log to help diagnose errors when connecting to remote computers.

#4: Clear Session Information and Host Keys from Registry
For privacy, if you no longer plan on using Putty, remove information it stores in the Windows Registry.

#5: Change the Terminal Font
Change the font displayed when accessing remote systems with Putty, and configure anti-aliasing for display quality.

#6: Force Terminal Window On Top of Other Windows
Configure Putty so that the terminal window remains visible.

#7: Copy Terminal Output to Clipboard in Rich Text Format
Place output from remote systems accessed in Putty into the clipboard in rich text, keeping colors and other formatting intact.

#8: Change the Cursor Type
When accessing remote systems with Putty, use a line, block, or flashing cursor.

#9: Use Your Own Terminal Bell Sound
Use a bell sound of your choosing instead of your computer's default sound when a system accessed in Putty needs to alert you.

#10: Display System Menu with Alt key
Display Putty's system menu merely by pressing the Alt key.

#11: Differentiate Sessions by Color
Don't confuse your open Putty terminal sessions - give each connection window a different color.

#12: Clear the Scrollback Buffer
Clear Putty's temporary log of your terminal window activities.

#13: Security Risks in Older Versions
Upgrade the Putty Telnet and SSH client if you use an older version.

#14: Full Screen - Kiosk Mode
Display Putty terminal windows in full-screen (kiosk) mode.

#15: What is Putty and Where to Download?
Download the Putty Telnet and SSH terminal software for Windows to remotely access computers over the Internet.

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