QuickTime for Windows

Open the QuickTime for Windows Control Panel

SUMMARY: Modify configuration options for the QuickTime for Windows multimedia player.

Although Apple's QuickTime for Windows multimedia player is automatically configured with a set of default options that may work for most users, others would rather tweak various features. To do so you need to open the QuickTime for Windows Control Panel.

Instructions vary depending on your operating system. If you have modified how the Control Panel is accessed via your Windows taskbar you may need to adjust these steps slightly.

Windows 2000

1. Select "Start" - "Control Panel".
2. The "Control Panel" window should appear. Double-click "QuickTime".

Windows XP

1. Select "Start" - "Control Panel".

2. The "Control Panel" window should appear.

3. If the Control Panel "Category View" is selected your Control Panel should look like the screenshot below. If so, underneath "See Also", click "Other Control Panel Options".

Screenshot of the Windows XP Control Panel in "Category View".

4. If step 3 applied to you, click the "QuickTime" link. Otherwise, double-click the "QuickTime" icon.

Windows Vista

Although there are several ways to open the QuickTime Control Panel, here is one option.

1. Click the "Start" button.

2. Type in "quicktime".

3. After a second or so a "QuickTime" link will appear underneath "Programs". Click it. Refer to the below screenshot if you are confused.

Running the QuickTime for Windows Control Panel in Windows Vista.

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