Create a New Playlist Quick-Start Guide

SUMMARY: Listen to or view multimedia files on your machine from within RealPlayer by creating playlists.

Have a group of certain multimedia files you'd like to play? With RealPlayer 10.5, just as with many other multimedia programs, you can create a playlist of files. To do this, first you must import multimedia file information into a general library from which playlists can be generated. Then, you can create playlists based on these files. It's not too complicated; here's a quick-start guide.

1. From RealPlayer, click "File" - "New" - "New Playlist".

2. Type in the playlist name (whatever you choose).

3. Click "OK'.

4. Next to "Add Media Files already on your computer", click "here" to add files on your machine to your library. Once files are in the library you can then add them to your playlist.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to add files to your general library.

6. Close the "Welcome to My Library" wizard by clicking the "X".

7. Click "Yes" when prompted to add clips to your playlist.

8. The "Add Clips From My Library" dialog box will appear. Select items from the library to add to your playlist and click the "Add to playlist" button. Or, you can click "Browse My Computer" to find more files to add that are not currently in your library.

9. When done, click "X" to close.

Now, to access this playlist:

1. From RealPlayer, click the "Music & My Library" tab.
2. Double-click "Playlists".
3. Double-click your desired playlist.
4. Click the "Play All" button to start playing.

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