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Play streaming audio and video plus music CDs and other multimedia with the RealPlayer tool. Tips on downloading and using this software.

#1: Change the RealPlayer Skin
Change the RealPlayer 10.5 look-and-feel with downloadable skins.

#2: Keep Track of Favorite Clips or Web Pages
Like Internet Explorer, RealPlayer has a Favorites tool that can store links to desired webpages or multimedia clips.

#3: Participate in a Product Survey
Suggest improvements to RealPlayer 10.5 to the product team.

#4: Increase Your Privacy - Don't Send Your GUID
Help increase your privacy when playing multimedia files with RealPlayer 10.5.

#5: Don't Send Configuration Information if an Error Occurs
Help keep from accidentally sending your system information to RealPlayer customer support.

#6: Toggle Automatic DVD Playback
Toggle whether or not RealPlayer should open whenever DVDs are inserted into your computer.

#7: Move Temporary Files to Another Location
Move temporary RealPlayer files to a different data drive or partition.

#8: Tweaks to Fix Video Playback Issues
Options you can take if RealPlayer 10.5 fails to play movies correctly.

#9: Open a Web Browser from Within RealPlayer
Access the web from RealPlayer without opening an external web browser.

#10: Where to Download
How to download the latest version of the free RealPlayer multimedia software.

#11: Show Captions for the Hearing-Impaired
Display captions when playing selected RealPlayer 10.5 multimedia clips.

#12: CPU Sluggish When Playing Clips
Multitask better when RealPlayer is running.

#13: Show Movies in a Larger Size
Display movies played inside RealPlayer 10.5 in double-size or full-screen mode.

#14: Stop Trying to Connect to the Internet When Offline
Force RealPlayer to stop accessing your dial-up networking.

#15: Clear the History for Privacy
Help protect your privacy by clearing RealPlayer's history of previously accessed multimedia files.

#16: Play Your Media in Random Order
Shuffle play multimedia files in your RealPlayer library or playlist.

#17: Send a Multimedia Clip's URL to a Friend
Easily let a friend know about a great multimedia file you played with RealPlayer 10.5 without retyping the URL.

#18: Purge 'My Library' of Missing Media
Remove links to old multimedia files in your RealPlayer Library.

#19: View Playback Down to the Tenth of a Second
View detailed RealPlayer multimedia playback statistics of the current clip.

#20: Manually Check for Update
See if updates exist for RealPlayer that address performance, security, bug fixes, or new features.

#21: Keep RealPlayer on Top When Watching Video
Keep other windows from overlapping RealPlayer 10.5 when watching movies.

#22: Automatically Add Items to My Library
RealPlayer 10.5 can scan selected folders on your hard drive, automatically adding multimedia items found to My Library.

#23: 3-Band Equalizer
Adjust the bass and treble of your RealPlayer 10.5 audio playback.

#24: Change RealPlayer Skin
Change RealPlayer's look-and-feel with downloadable skins.

#25: Enable DVD Parental Controls
Help prevent children from using the computer to watch PG-13 or NC-17 rated DVDs.

#26: Create a New Playlist Quick-Start Guide
Listen to or view multimedia files on your machine from within RealPlayer by creating playlists.

#27: Don't Add Desktop and Quick Launch Icons
Prevent the installation of RealPlayer 10.5 from cluttering your Desktop and Quick Launch bar with icons.

#28: Don't Show the Media Browser Upon Open
Open RealPlayer 10.5 in a smaller Player view without the Media Browser taking up much of the screen.

#29: Tweaks to Fix Sound Playback Issues
Diagnose issues involving incompatibilities with RealPlayer and your sound card.

#30: Adjust Video Color and Sharpness
Tweak how videos played in RealPlayer 10.5 will appear.

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