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Main Feed or Category Feeds

The first feed, "New Computer and Technology Help and Tips - MalekTips.Com" contains all of the tips contained in the other feeds plus additional tips. If you wish to subscribe to this feed, there is no need to subscribe to the other category-based feeds.

However, if you only want certain categories of tips, feel free to subscribe to the appropriate category feeds.

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MalekTips.Com is not liable for any use of the RSS feeds or the content included in such feeds.

If you have any questions, including content licensing requests, please use our contact form.

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About MalekTips and the Author

The MalekTips website was created in 1998 by of Envision Programming. The page's goal is to freely disperse computer-related tips, hints, and informative articles. Tips are organized to be easy to find, and are presented clearly, in easy-to-understand language.