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Safari for Windows
Help and Tips

Tips on downloading and configuring Apple's Safari web browser for Windows PCs.

#1: Change Font Smoothing
Change the amount of smoothing Safari performs on text to increase legibility.

#2: Add a Toolbar for Quick Stock Information
Add a toolbar to Safari for Windows to display stock quotes, transcripts, and SEC filings.

#3: Temporarily Disable Pop-Up Window Blocking
Prevent Safari from blocking pop-up windows when websites need them to operate.

#4: Show and Delete Accepted Cookies
Display cookies accepted by the Safari for Windows web browser, and delete individual cookies as desired.

#5: Choose Where Files Are Downloaded
Configure Safari for Windows to download files to another folder besides the 'My Documents' folder.

#6: Show the Menu Bar
If you're used to working with menu bars in Windows applications, display the menu bar in Safari for Windows.

#7: Place all Safari Windows on Top of Other Windows
Move all open Safari Windows to the front of other windows for easy access.

#8: Too Many Tabs Open? Move a Tab Outside to Another Browser Window.
Too many tabs open in Safari for Windows? Take a tab and move it to a new window.

#9: Fake Like You Are Running Another Browser
Have Safari for Windows claim to be another browser when surfing the web.

#10: Toggle Spell Checking While Typing (Disabling Red Underlines)
Toggle whether or not Safari for Windows should spell check typed text, underlining misspelled or unknown words in red.

#11: Download the Safari Web Browser
Information and download link for Apple's Safari Web Browser for Windows.

#12: Prevent Fonts from Displaying Below a Selected Size
Force Safari for Windows to automatically increase the size of small fonts for readability.

#13: Remove History Items After One Day
For privacy reasons, remove items from Safari's History list after only one day.

#14: Disable Java Applets
Prevent Safari from executing Java applets.

#15: Change What is Displayed When New Windows Open
Configure what Safari displays when opening a new window.

#16: Configure How Links from Applications Are Opened
Determine whether applications open websites in new Safari windows or new tabs.

#17: Use a Search Engine for Text Inside a Web Page
Use Safari to perform a search engine query based on text inside a web page.

#18: Make Safari, or Another Browser, the Default Web Browser
Configure Safari, or another web browser, to be your default.

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