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Create a Playground at Work

SUMMARY: A website providing toys and games for the office.

Admit it. Your office is not fun. It needs more smiling bouncing balls, a disco ball, Koosh balls, or a fake talking parakeet to lighten the mood.

Ok, not every office environment is open to such 'refined' humor, but if your office is a little looser than most, consider visiting the Office Playground. Where else can you purchase:

* The Boss Toss - Shoot plastic executives through the air.

* Sports stress balls - Throwing a real football through the office might break things (lamps, frames, computer monitors), but these softer stress balls are less likely to cause damage.

* An Anti-Stress Kit Sign - The miracle remedy for stress!

If you (and your office mates and boss) can take a joke:

Office Playground - http://www.officeplayground.com/

Note that I take no responsibility for the sudden lack of productivity after bringing these items to the workplace <g>.

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