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Tips on software to capture and manipulate screenshots of Windows and applications.

#1: Greenshot for Windows can Upload to Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, and More
Greenshot is an open-source screen capture program for Windows that allows basic image editing and integration with a variety of third-party software packages and web services.

#2: Take the Screenshot with Freeware Mr. Shot
Mr. Shot is a screen capture application for Windows that can play a shutter sound when taking the shot.

#3: Screen Capture Supporting Editing Features, Text Capture
HyperSnap supports a wide variety of screen capture modes, image editing post-capture, and capturing text.

#4: Screen Capture with Many Capture Modes and Editing Features
BellTech CaptureXT can perform many types of screen captures including rectangular and freeform areas, and includes an image editor for post-capture manipulation and text captions.

#5: Freeware, No Frills Screen Capture for Windows
Sofonesia Screen Capture is a freeware screen capture application with support for Desktop and rectangular area captures.

#6: Screen Capture with Extensive Editing Capabilities
ACS Capture has a variety of screen capture options, allowing you to edit images before saving or distributing via Google Picasa Web Albums.

#7: SnapaShot, Freeware for Windows
SnapaShot is a no-frills freeware screen capture program for Windows that stores images in the clipboard or on disk in one of five graphic formats.

#8: Cropper, Open Source
Cropper allows you to send screen captures directly to the printer, clipboard, or BMP, PNG, or JPG files.

#9: LightShot for Windows
LightShot is a screen capture program for Windows that supports uploading and online editing of images.

#10: Lightscreen for Windows
Lightscreen is a screen capture program for Windows with output support for BMP, JPG, and PNG formats.

#11: WinSnap Captures Screens and Applies Artistic Effects
WinSnap is a shareware screen capture program for Windows that can add shadowing, reflection, and other effects to captured images.

#12: Window Clippings
Window Clippings is a screen capture program that captures transparency and shadows in Windows Vista.

#13: FastStone Capture
FastStone Capture is a screen and video capture application for Windows that supports image editing without requiring an external editor.

#14: Quick Screen Capture for Windows
Capture and edit the partial or full screen image with the shareware Quick Screen Capture application.

#15: Screenshot Captor
Screenshot Captor for Windows supports multiple types of screen and region captures, as well as image editing features post-capture including adding frames and shadows.

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