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All kinds of websites to visit on the Internet - iPod blending, classical literature, optical illusions, etymology, airport wait times, weather updates, and more.

#1: Free Kindle Books, Classics, Food and Cooking, Self Help, and More
Got more free time than money? Looking for some really inexpensive (free) books for your Kindle? Check out Hundred Zeros.

#2: Facebook's List of Social Landmarks
Curious to see what locations spur the most social network activity on Facebook?

#3: Where is Santa Claus? Find out on Twitter, Facebook, iGoogle, and More!
Track Santa Claus using sophisticated equipment from NORAD.

#4: Find the Origins of "Holiday" and Other Words with Etymology Dictionaries
Browse and query these etymology dictionaries and a "Big List" to look for the meanings of everyday words.

#5: Paper Toys of Superheroes, Stephen Colbert, Garfield, Peter Griffin, More
Cubeecraft offers free papercraft toys you can download and make without the need of tape or glue.

#6: Word Pronounciations, Example Usage, Synonyms, More
Wordnik provides a wealth of information about English words, even related Twitter messages and Flickr photographs.

#7: Which Airplane Seats Have the Most Legroom and Other Travel Tips
Find out which airplane seats fellow travelers deemed good or poor due to legroom, storage space, and a variety of other reasons with SeatGuru.

#8: Search Google and Other Websites with your Keyboard as You Type
Use the Keyboardr website to search Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia with your keyboard as you type.

#9: Stop Spending Your Money on Higher Gas Prices; Use the Internet
Tips on reducing your gasoline costs by using the Internet to find cheaper gas, better directions, traffic information, and more.

#10: Find Information about People on the Deep Web with Pipl
Pipl searches the "Deep Web" for information on a particular person.

#11: Electronics TakeBack Coalition
The Electronics TakeBack Coalition website contains news and facts regarding electronics recycling.

#12: Reverse Image Search Engine
See similar images found throughout the Internet with the TinEye reverse image search engine.

#13: What's the Weather?
Will it rain or will it snow? Only the Internet knows.

#14: Maps of U.S. Newspaper Layoffs
Display newspaper-related maps including where layoffs have occurred and where newspapers have shuttered their print editions and moved exclusively to the web.

#15: Grab Census Data for Your Zip Code
Display census information for a particular zip code, view charts, and compare data with others.

#16: Locate Over-The-Air and Online Radio Stations
Display a list of radio stations near your hometown or where you will be traveling.

#17: Time and Day Calculations
Quickly perform calculations involving dates and times with this useful website.

#18: Stop Many if Not All Telemarketing Calls
Tired of getting barraged with telemarketers? Sign up to the USA national and state do-not-call lists.

#19: How Walkable is your Neighborhood?
Find out how walkable your home is by seeing its proximity to grocery stores, parks, bookstores, and more.

#20: Birdwatching Social Networks
Discuss with others your findings from the world of birding.

#21: Pop Quizzes on Movies, Television, Literature, Sports
Find out how well you really know a particular subject with these quick quizzes.

#22: Ideas for Baby Names
Track the historical popularity of first names given to babies in the US.

#23: Online Periodic Table
From hydrogen to ununoctium, it's all here.

#24: It's an Emergency - We Must Party!
What do you do if a party needs to erupt? Press the Emergency Button!

#25: Track Time with an Online Stopwatch
When you don't have a stopwatch handy, use these free online tools.

#26: Broadway Shows
A database of Broadway shows, including actor and theatre information.

#27: Air Quality Map
Find out if an Air Quality Alert has been raised in your area or where you may be traveling.

#28: Cloudspotting
If you love clouds, visit the website of a society that truly appreciates them.

#29: See Objects get Shredded
Perfect entertainment for a boring afternoon - watch batteries, television sets, and even refrigerators get shredded.

#30: The Longest List
Find interesting trivia items at this website with a really long domain name.

#31: Translate a Webpage
If you don't speak any others languages, you can use these website tools to translate non-English content.

#32: Do You Share Your Birthday with a Celebrity?
Curious if your birthday shares that of a famous actor, ex-US president, sports hero, or other celebrity?

#33: Newspaper Front Pages
View what's making headlines around the world.

#34: Match Corporate, Charity Logos
How well do you know your company logos?

#35: The New Seven Wonders of the World
See the places the world has voted as the New Seven Wonders of the World.

#36: Internet Content Filters
A collection of Internet Content Filters that claim to protect children against the viewing of illegal, immoral, and indecent content.

#37: iPop Your Baby
This unique clothing line allows your baby to sport the unique iPod interface.

#38: Word Pronunciations
Just how does one pronounce various words?

#39: Holiday Lights Gone Overboard
Enjoy celebrating the holidays with festive lights, but don't go too far...

#40: Newspaper and Television Station List
Read news stories from all over the United States and the world.

#41: Show How Popular You Are
Impress others by having to break away from a social function for an 'important' cell phone call.

#42: Get to or from Work Easier
Scan the web for information on road construction or other delays.

#43: Optical Illusions
Your eyes will play tricks on you when viewing these optical illusions and other phenomena.

#44: Anagrams Here = Arrange Has Me
Anagrams; where elvis = lives.

#45: Will It Blend? Will Magnets, Hockey Pucks, or an iPod Blend?
Just how powerful IS this blender?

#46: US Airport Wait Times
Help ensure you get to the airport on time by viewing typical security delay wait times.

#47: Real Names of Celebrities
Find out the birth names of some of your favorite celebrities.

#48: White Pages - Find People
Search for peoples' phone numbers and addresses using these online White Pages tools.

#49: Who Has the Same Name as You?
Think no one in the United States shares your name? You may be surprised.

#50: Ahoy Matey! Pirate Websites
Was sea piracy just like how it is portrayed in television shows and the movies?

#51: What Rhymes with Kumquat or Rhythm?
Search two rhyming dictionaries to find rhymes to words in your upcoming poem or song.

#52: Earth from Space at Night
See how Earth's lights look from outer space at nighttime.

#53: Voicemail Cheat Sheet
Try getting past automated voicemail systems and talking to a real human with this handy website.

#54: View Your Street from the Air
Browse the world, including your street, from the air.

#55: Looking for Work?
Links to some of the Internet's most popular job sites.

#56: Search with Ms. Dewey
Use Microsoft Live Search with Ms. Dewey, a unique virtual assistant.

#57: Commodore 64 Emulator in Flash
Relive the glory days of the Commodore 64 computer with this online emulator written completely in Flash.

#58: Free Classic Literature
Download and read classic literature for free from Project Gutenberg

#59: Shockwave Games
Play games, music, and videos for free with Shockwave.

#60: Health Information
Find health and medical information on the Internet.

#61: First Name Etymology
Learn the historical origins of popular first names.

#62: Older Versions of Software
Download older, usually unsupported, versions of software if the latest versions cause problems on your computer.

#63: Mr. Picassohead
Put together a Mr. Potato Head-like creation online based loosely on the works of Picasso.

#64: Give Someone a Certificate
Honor a friend, family member, or coworker with this interactive certificate creator.

#65: Commodore 64 Screensaver for Windows
Nostalgia buffs - display the Commodore 64 startup screen as your Windows screensaver.

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