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Some entertaining websites, some informative ones, some may even be useful, and others we have no idea how to categorize them.

Sites to Browse - DVDs - Movies

Lights! Camera! Websites!

Sites to Browse - Food - Drinks - Recipes

Yum! Websites related to food, drink, and recipes to make food and drink. Restaurant-related websites are also included here.

Sites to Browse - History

Websites related to history and historical events.

Sites to Browse - Humor - Pranks

Looking for a laugh? These websites may tickle your funny bone.

Sites to Browse - Misc

All kinds of websites to visit on the Internet - iPod blending, classical literature, optical illusions, etymology, airport wait times, weather updates, and more.

Sites to Browse - Money - Financial

Stock markets, the price of goods, credit card information, and more can be found in this financial category.

Sites to Browse - Music

Groove to these musically-inclined websites.

Sites to Browse - Shopping

Some informative and unique shopping-related websites.

Sites to Browse - Sports

Touchdown! Slam dunk! Gooooaaallll! Here are some websites for those who enjoy the world of sport.

Sites to Browse - Television

Websites about your favorite TV shows.

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Search Engine

Advice on searching the web. Help with search engine syntax, advanced search engine features, filtering search engine results, and more.

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