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Spy Sweeper
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Remove spyware and adware with Webroot's Spy Sweeper tool.

#1: Remove Internet Explorer Favorites Shield
If you can't easily change your Internet Explorer Favorites after installing Spy Sweeper, perform this tweak.

#2: Scan More Than Just Your C: Drive for Spyware
Have Spy Sweeper scan other hard drives or removable devices for spyware and adware

#3: Remove Explorer Context Menu Extension
Remove the "Sweep for Spyware" option Spy Sweeper adds to Windows Explorer.

#4: Where to Download to Remove Spyware
Download an evaluation copy of Spy Sweeper to help remove adware and spyware from your system.

#5: Speed Up Scans By Searching Fewer Folders
If spyware scans take too long, configure Spy Sweeper to only look inside folders where most spyware reside.

#6: Stop Automatically Checking For Updates
If privacy or your Internet speed is a concern, configure Spy Sweeper to not keep checking for updates automatically.

#7: Change the Protected Internet Explorer Home Page
After installing Spy Sweeper, you'll need to perform this tweak to change your Internet Explorer home page.

#8: Delete Quarantined Items Sooner/Later
Manage quarantined items found through Spy Sweeper scans.

#9: Remove Tooltips
Prevent Tooltips from popping over your Spy Sweeper software.

#10: Scan For Spyware at Windows Startup
Check for spyware and adware every time your computer boots with Spy Sweeper.

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