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Spybot Search and Destroy

Secure Shredder to Remove Files

SUMMARY: Forcefully remove files with Spybot Search and Destroy to prevent easy recovery of deleted confidential and private information.

Spybot Search and Destroy comes built-in with a utility called Secure Shredder, aiming to completely remove files in a way that they will be unrecoverable with software or hardware means. Using this tool, you can remove temporary files, browser cookies, cache files, or whatever other documents you don't want others finding.

To activate the Secure Shredder, you must be in Advanced mode. From Spybot Search and Destroy, click "Mode" and select "Advanced Mode" if it is not already selected. Then, click "Tools" and then in the right pane, click "Secure Shredder".

At the bottom of the "Secure Shredder" pane, click the "Number of shreds" spinner control to raise or lower the number of time Spybot Search and Destroy shreds a file. At least five times is recommended by the author to help ensure the file will be completely removed.

Click the "Templates" pull-down in the right pane to add all files from your temp folder, browser cookies, or browser cache files to the list of files to shred.

To shred other files, just drag and drop them from Windows Explorer.

Once you are done adding files, look over the list and MAKE SURE YOU REALLY WANT TO DELETE EACH FILE. WHEN YOU DELETE A FILE, IT MAY BE GONE FOREVER AND UNRECOVERABLE! Then, if you ARE SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE EACH FILE, click the "Chop it away!" button.

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