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Spybot Search and Destroy

Lock Your Hosts File

SUMMARY: Have Spybot Search and Destroy keep your hosts file locked from accidental modification.

The Hosts file normally acts as a network-translation mechanism so that you can access certain network resources without having to go through DNS (domain name services). However, in many situations, spyware and adware modify this file so that web browser requests to sites such as PayPal, Amazon, or eBay go to other sites instead. You can help protect your hosts file from modification by having Spyware Search and Destroy write-protect it.

1. Click "Mode", selecting "Advanced Mode".
2. Click "Tools" in the left pane.
3. Click "IE tweaks" in the right pane.
4. Check "Lock Hosts file read-only as protection against hijackers".

Note that even with this tip it is still possible for some spyware and adware to unlock the hosts file for modification.

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