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Run Spybot Automatically

SUMMARY: Start Spybot Search and Destroy every time you reboot your computer.

To help automate the tasks of detecting and eliminating spyware, you can have Spybot Search and Destroy automatically start whenever you reboot your computer. Not only can you start the software, but you can have Spybot search for malware, fix all problems, and more without user intervention.

1. Click "Mode", selecting "Advanced Mode".

2. Click "Settings" in the left pane.

3. Click "Settings" in the right pane.

4. Under "Automation" - "System Start", click the "Automatically run program at system startup" radio button.

After doing this you may want to consider the following checkboxes to make the automatic Spybot startup more useful:

* (Recommended) Check "Run check on program start" to have Spybot scan your system for malware as your machine starts up.

* Check "Fix all problems on program start" to have Spybot fix problems it determines on your system. Note that there is a slight chance that some problems may be false alarms, thus 'fixing' these problems could have detrimental effects on your computer, so be careful before choosing this option.

* (Recommended) Check "Wait a few minutes until starting the check" to have Spybot wait a while before automatically scanning your system. This is a good idea if you have a lot of startup tasks. This option will cause Spybot to wait until everything is loaded in memory before scanning for adware and spyware.

* (Recommended) Check "Wait until specified programs have quit" to have Spybot wait until other security software you may have running on your system have done their job.

* (Recommended) Check "Wait a few seconds if something else than spies were found" to give you a chance to scan Spybot's results page in case malware other than spyware was found.

* (Recommended) Check "Close program if everything's O.K." to automatically close Spybot if it does not find anything wrong on your system. Unless you get a warm and fuzzy feeling when seeing a 'No spyware found' report :) you should check this box.

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