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Spyware and Adware

Why Does Adware Crash My Machine?

SUMMARY: Why does adware crash your system when its goal is to deliver advertisements you will view?

You may be wondering why adware crashes your machine. If adware wants to display ads on your computer, doesn't it make sense that the software work silently in the background and not disrupt your computing activities so it can display mode ads? There are several reasons, however, why this is not the case:

* Spyware may not be well tested, thus it may work on the creator's machine yet cause harm to others.

* If you visit websites that install spyware on your machines or install software that secretly contains spyware, it is highly unlikely that you will be infected by just one type of spyware. Most of the time, infections involve several different spyware programs that, when running simultaneously, cause system instability and software crashes. This is why spyware can often result in Visual C++ Runtime Errors in Internet Explorer, among other things.

Needless to say, if you have one spyware infestation or several, you should consider downloading removal tools to eradicate this software from your system to help increase system stability.

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