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Spyware and Adware

Always read the EULA When Installing Software From Unknown Websites

SUMMARY: Downloading new freeware? Read the EULA to help ensure it won't install spyware and adware.

When installing software, especially free software or that from sites that you may not recognize, always read the End User License Agreement (EULA) that usually appears before you install the software! Although these license agreements, as well as privacy statements and security warnings, may look like a bunch of legal 'mumbo jumbo', sometimes software programs that are packaged with spyware and adware mention the fact that malware is included deep within these documents.

While some software packaged with spyware and adware may never advertise the fact that malware will be installed when you install the software, in some instances this fact is placed right in the EULA or other documents visible before the install. This way, the software authors claim that by reading the documents, you agreed to the spyware and adware being installed.

Take an extra minute or two and read these documents before installing software on your machine - you may be surprised!

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