System Snapshots

SUMMARY: Save and recall system settings that may get overwritten by spyware or adware.

To help repair damage to your machine in case of a spyware infection, SpywareBlaster can take a System Snapshot of various computer settings including registry settings, browser settings, Winsock settings, etc. This way, if your machine becomes infected, you may decide to restore your machine to a previous state to recall older browser and system settings.

Note that before creating a System Snapshot, make sure your computer is free of spyware, adware, viruses, and other threats! You may wish to download and install other spyware / adware removal tools to help ensure your machine is clean.

To create a System Snapshot:

1. From SpywareBlaster, click the "System Snapshot" image.

2. Click the "Create new System Snapshot" radio button.

3. Click the "Go" button.

4. Give the System Snapshot a name.

5. SpywareBlaster will automatically append the date and time to the end of the snapshot name. If you do not wish this, uncheck "Append date + time to end of snapshot name".

Creating a new System Snapshot in SpywareBlaster

6. Click "Create Snapshot!"

7. Wait while the Snapshot is created, then click the "Finish" button.

To restore your system to a previous snapshot point:

1. From SpywareBlaster, click the "System Snapshot" image.

2. Click the "Restore System to Saved Snapshot Point" radio button.

3. Click the "Go" button.

4. A list of saved System Snapshots appears. Choose the Snapshot to restore to and click "Next".

Choosing a System Snapshot to restore to in SpywareBlaster

5. If SpywareBlaster detects any differences between your current system state and that of the snapshot, they will be listed in a grid.

From here, you can:

a) Click on a setting and click the "More Info on Item" button to get brief information about the changed setting

b) Do nothing for a particular setting

c) Check a setting to have it re-applied to your system

d) Click "Select All" or "Deselect All" to select or deselect all settings

Sample list of changed/added items in a System Snapshot - SpywareBlaster

6. When done, click "Restore Selected Items" then "Finish".

7. You should strongly consider re-scanning your machine for viruses or spyware just in case some settings were not correctly saved in the Snapshot. Also, it is possible that some spyware or other threats are still lingering in your system and they can change your settings back to those after the original System Snapshot was taken.

This tip was written for SpywareBlaster 4.1. Instructions and screenshots are subject to change.

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