Disable Protection for a Particular Item in Internet Explorer

SUMMARY: If SpywareBlaster protection is keeping some websites from appearing in Internet Explorer, here's how to allow those sites to operate fully.

If running SpywareBlaster keeps certain websites from appearing or operating correctly in Internet Explorer, such as not allowing you to login, you can disable the protection for particular items found on such sites while keeping other protections intact.

Note that every time you update SpywareBlaster and click "Enable All Protection" you will have to repeat these steps.

1. From SpywareBlaster, click the "Protection Status" image.

2. Click the "Internet Explorer" link that appears underneath.

3. To disable ALL protection for ActiveX based spyware, dialers, and other potentially undesirable software, uncheck the "ActiveX Protection" box (NOT RECOMMENDED!).

4. To disable ALL protection for tracking cookies, uncheck "Cookie Protection".

5. Or, to disable protection for a particular item, find the item to ignore in the scroll box underneath "Customize the Block List" and uncheck the box next to the item.

6. When done, click "Remove Protection for Unchecked Items" to apply your changes.

Removing Internet Explorer protection against a website's cookies via SpywareBlaster

Later, if you want to re-apply protection for the selected cookies, repeat the above steps, but check the unprotected cookies and click "Protect Against Checked Items".

This tip was written for SpywareBlaster 4.1. Instructions and screenshots are subject to change.

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