SpywareBlaster Help and Tips

Use the SpywareBlaster application to help protect your computer from spyware and adware infections.

#1: Disable Protection for a Particular Item in Internet Explorer
If SpywareBlaster protection is keeping some websites from appearing in Internet Explorer, here's how to allow those sites to operate fully.

#2: Disable Protection for a Particular Item in Mozilla Firefox
If SpywareBlaster protection is keeping some websites from appearing in Mozilla Firefox, here's how to allow those sites to set cookies on your machine.

#3: Configure Restricting Site Actions in Internet Explorer
Allow the actions of websites in Internet Explorer that SpywareBlaster has previously restricted.

#4: Protect Against Particular ActiveX Controls
Protect your machine from ActiveX controls that SpywareBlaster does not yet recognize.

#5: Disable Flash in Internet Explorer
Keep Flash animations from appearing in Internet Explorer.

#6: Disable the Internet Explorer Home Page Settings Area
Help protect your Internet Explorer home page from being accidentally changed.

#7: Hosts File Snapshots
Make backups of your Hosts file in case it gets changed by spyware / adware.

#8: Change the Internet Explorer Title Text
Stop Internet Explorer from advertising itself in its title bar.

#9: View and Change Internet Explorer Default Pages
Use SpywareBlaster to change Internet Explorer home, search, and other default pages that may have been changed by spyware / adware.

#10: System Snapshots
Save and recall system settings that may get overwritten by spyware or adware.

#11: Older Versions of Firefox not Detected
SpywareBlaster will not help protect older versions of Mozilla Firefox. You should upgrade - here's why.

#12: Updating SpywareBlaster Fails
Configure SpywareBlaster with your proxy server information if downloading updates fails.

#13: Updating SpywareBlaster
Keep SpywareBlaster up-to-date to help protect you against the newest malware.

#14: What it is and Where to Download
Download and use SpywareBlaster to help prevent your computer from being infected with spyware and adware.

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