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Stickies, Freeware for Windows

SUMMARY: Stickies lets you attach sticky notes to your Windows Desktop, plus offers many options to prevent it from getting too cluttered.

Stickies is a feature-rich application for Windows that lets you "attach" sticky notes to your Desktop. Each sticky note can have a title, multiple fonts and colors, highlighted text, and a configurable opacity level. You can decide whether or not each note will appear on top of windows. To save space, notes can be rolled up, or you can attach a note to a window so it is only visible when the window is visible and not minimized.

You can set alarms for each note, alerting you in a few minutes or at a definable time and date. You can also put notes to "sleep", hiding them for a certain amount of time but appearing silently after the time period. Plus, to help prevent important notes from being modified, you can lock them.

Example sticky note in Stickies

Other features include the ability to highlight text in a sticky note, right-click, and search for the text on the web. Sticky notes may be distributed over the Internet or via e-mail. Sticky notes can be saved in multiple formats, printed, or you can backup all Stickies data. Plus, you can access a "Manage Stickies" window to view sticky notes that may be hidden due to being asleep or waiting for an alarm condition.

Managing sticky notes in Stickies

Configuration options include changing the notes' skin (these are downloadable on the Stickies web site), whether double-clicking a note's title bar rolls it up, where new stickies should appear, alarm options (play a sound, loop it, jiggle the sticky note, and/or flash its border), and keyboard hotkeys.

Configuring the Stickies application

The latest version of Stickies runs on Windows 98 and up, though older versions exist for older versions of Windows. The software may be downloaded at the following site:

* Stickies

This tip was written regarding Stickies 7.0b running on a Windows XP machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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