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Sticky Notes
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Applications that allow you to post virtual "sticky notes" on the Desktop. Some programs allow you to make notes appear on top of other windows, customize the display of each note, and/or attach alarm reminders to notes.

#1: Notezilla to Create Notes and Synchronize via Outlook
Notezilla is a commercial Windows sticky-note application that supports a variety of customizations and synchronization to portable devices via Outlook.

#2: Stickies, Freeware for Windows
Stickies lets you attach sticky notes to your Windows Desktop, plus offers many options to prevent it from getting too cluttered.

#3: Efficient Sticky Notes Freeware
Attach notes to your Desktop in a variety of colors and fonts with Efficient Sticky Notes.

#4: Sticky Notes Freeware
Add a freeware Sticky Notes application with many customization options and an optional alarm for each note.

#5: Cover Your Desktop with Sticky Notes with Audible Reminders
Add skinnable sticky notes to your Windows Desktop with the open-source and highly-configurable PNotes.

#6: Free Desktop Sticky Notes with Alarms
Freebie Notes lets you "attach" sticky notes to your Desktop, including notes that only appear after a certain date / time.

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